Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Aren't Supposed to Cry at Cedar Point!

Have you ever been to Cedar Point? When I was growing up, I think I went to Cedar Point at least once a summer between the ages of seven and fifteen. Oh, what a fun place!!!
Since those regular visits, though, I have only been able to go back a handfull of times. But one of those times was - last Friday! Brian and I took our kids and met my mom, (Yes - at 67 years of age she still LOVES roller coasters!) both of my brothers, my niece, and my nephew for a day of real fun.

As we entered the park, there was a mad dash to get to the first ride. Everyone was excited to get started, squealing about how much fun it was going to be racing down that first hill, anticipating the thrill of being scared half to death! And as we hurried through the gate, past the guy with the measuring stick, I realized Matthew was not tall enough to ride the roller coaster. He was almost tall enough, but rules are rules, and he was turned away.
I quickly got out of the line and ran back to where Matthew was standing, and that's when I saw the tears in his eyes.
But you aren't supposed to cry at Cedar Point!
At Cedar Point, you are only supposed to laugh and have lots of fun! Hadn't I told Matthew that rule???
And then, before I knew what was happening, I discovered there were tears forming in my own eyes. I hadn't even been on a ride yet, and already my heart was in my throat.

However, I knew the rule - the one about not crying, only laughing - so I grabbed Matthew's hand and told him I was going to take him to a different ride. The ride that was one of my absolute favorites when I was a kid. The Blue Streak! (By the way, I found a new favorite on this trip. maXair!)
After the Blue Streak, Matthew and I went on a twirly ride together and - in addition to the thrill of the ride - I was thoroughly enjoying the laughter and joy which were pouring forth from my son. The tears were forgotten completely and he was on his way to a wonderful, wonderful day.
We met up with the rest of the gang, and paid closer attention to height requirements before we got to the ride, from that moment on. That strategy worked, and there were no more tears - only laughter - for the rest of the day.

And as I walked through the park that day smiling because my children were having so much fun, remembering how Matthew's tears had brought forth my own, one question loomed in my mind. What exactly happened to my heart through the process of becoming a mother? It seems to have grown, yet broken apart, and now lives separately - in my body, and in the bodies of each of my children. Such that when they are happy, I am, too. And when they hurt, so do I.
It's an amazing thing God does in a woman when she becomes a mom - growing her heart like that!
And I have a feeling that "thing" He did in my heart is also the reason I haven't pinched their heads off when my children have brought me to the end of my rope. LOL!

Know what I mean? *grin*

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luvmy4sons said...

My heartbroke just reading this post. I wanted to give him a hug myself and I can only imagine how your mother's heart felt! We LOVE Cedar Point and we love Maxair...did youtry Skyhawk? It is awesome too! I read once that having a child is like deciding to put your heart on the outside of your body...AMEN!

Leah said...

Sounds like your family had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Jessica said...

That's so sweet! I think how we feel for our kids is how God feels for us. Amazing, and I know what you mean.
Before I had kids I was an emotional person, but over myself. Now I feel for and with them. It really is amazing. :-)

btw, I'm glad your grandma is doing better!

kreed said...

There were so many times I was too short for the roller coasters and I got so mad every time!I am glad there were plenty of other fun rides to enjoy and that you all had a wonderful day.

On Purpose said...

You are such an awesome mom! Thank you for the gift of journeying with you...as you always know how to lift a mommas heart!

Proverbs 27:19 said...

It is weird what happens to our emotions once we enter motherhood.


Life In Progress said...

I loved this story! I have found myself doing this very same thing as my 5-year-old becomes more and more prone to getting her feelings hurt and her heart broken. Of course, my pregnancy hormones don't help matters! I love how you handled this.....he'll always remember that!