Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Princess has a Crown - And The King is not Surprised

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If you have a daughter, do you call her your princess?
Seems that's what lots of parents call their little girls. And little girls love to do the princess thing! Pink, sparkles, dresses, tiaras...Oh, the memories!
Well, my princess doesn't get into dress-up anymore, but now she has a crown.

Last week I took Elizabeth to the dentist to have a filling put in her tooth. Only, when the spacer was taken off the tooth in question, our dentist discovered the real reason Elizabeth's tooth had been bothering her.
I was called back to the examining room and told she needed to have a root canal.
The dentist even had Elizabeth open her mouth so he could show me what was going on. Her tooth had broken apart and he showed me the root and everything. Ewww! I could've done without that episode of Show & Tell.
Now, if you know anything about root canals, you know they are always followed by a crown. So we are currently in the process of getting our princess a crown. She has been in for her first "fitting" and is now wearing her temporary crown. The real one is being made, and will be ready for Her Highness in a few weeks.
Further, if you know anything about root canals and crowns, you know they are a lot more expensive ($$$$$$$!!!!!) than a filling.

So last week, in the midst of the stress I was facing with my grandmother and various other things, I had this unexpected weight thrust upon me. At first I was simply begging God to keep me from crying right there in the middle of the dentist office. When that didn't work, I began crying out to HIM.
God, why did this have to happen now? You know the stress I'm already under with Grandma. You know the other financial burdens we're carrying. You know I feel like I'm about to crack. You know I can't handle another thing! How can it be that this one slipped past You???
And then it was as if He said to me, Yes, dear one. I do know. I know the stress and the burdens you're shouldering. And I knew all about Elizabeth's tooth, too. What the x-ray couldn't show, I saw. Though you just found out about it, darling, I am not surprised.
My child, I knew your grandmother would be in this situation - long before she fell. I knew your economy was going to be as it is - way before the recession hit. I knew about the break-in and the other troubles. I knew you were going to be feeling weary. And, yes, I knew about Elizabeth's root canal and crown.
But, sweetheart, I am not asking you to solve any of these problems. I am not asking you to be strong.
Lean in on Me. Look to Me. Trust in Me.
I am not overwhelmed by your situation, Karen, and I will carry you through. Just trust Me.

And you know what? I believe Him!
Don't know what your "crown" is today, but I do know The King is not surprised. You can trust Him!

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Jessica said...

Yay! Good to know, because I'm really having trouble waking up in the morning as early as I have to, to get Matthew to school on time. Grrr...

Kelly Combs said...

Aw, Karen, you are such a tribute of faith. You keep being faithful girlfriend, and be there for that little princess! (I hear all the dental work is painful).

Praying for you.

luvmy4sons said...

A root canal so young! Ugh! You have my sympathies. Things like that in the midst of another trial can send me over as well. I DO SO love it though when God reaches in and calms the storm personally with a wonderful message like yours. He is a God of detail and cares about all the details of our lives. I often tell myself, "This did not surprise God. He has not been kicked off His throne!"

Leah said...

Break in- did I miss something?

Get that sweet little girlie a real crown to wear along with her new crown in her mouth.

So sorry for all the stress but perhaps you can view it like I try to...another opportunity to trust our Father and watch Him show off.

Praying for you.


Edie said...

Oh Karen I would have broken down and cried in the dentist office too. What a testimony to God's faithfulness you are. These are difficult times and I am so glad we have a God who is faithful.

I have said a prayer over your circumstances my friend.

Much love!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Bless her sweet little heart! I am sorry you are having a rough time with every thing piling up, but sometimes God uses these times to draw us closer.

Love ya!

km said...

I know too well the cost of a root canal and crown. I've had 10 since having my princess. That pregnancy did something crazy to my teeth. I'll be praying for you. I know how sometimes it seem like a problems could be easier to handle if they were spaced apart. But then, we're handling them and not handing them over to HIM. Praying for you

kreed said...

I am prsying for have so much going on in your life right now! I know you will get through it with His help but that doesn't mean it is an easy road. So hugs and prayers to you.