Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bless My Heart

The sad thing is, one of Elizabeth's pet rats died last Saturday.

The glad thing is what I witnessed when we went to get a new rat.

Elizabeth cried her tears for Lacey on Saturday, but wasted no time in pursuing the idea of getting a replacement pet. So Monday night found us ('us' being Elizabeth, Joshua and I) going to the pet store to buy a new rat. Elizabeth didn't want Allison to get too lonely, you know!
At the first store, there were only male rats for sale. You may have noticed from the above mentioned name, Elizabeth's present rat is a female. Ahem. We don't want baby rats.

Strike one.

At the second pet store we found female rats. But they weren't the kind Elizabeth wanted. And they were pricey. ($!)

Strike two.

So we piled back into the van to check out the only other pet store we could think of in town. It was about a fifteen minute drive, and as we were getting closer I could tell from Elizabeth's remarks that she was concerned about the possibility of not finding a rat at our final stop.
On the one hand I was thinking, This isn't exactly an issue of tremendous eternal significance. And on the other hand I was thinking, God cares about Elizabeth's heart. And He tells us to pray about everything.
So I said, "We could pray about it."
At which point Elizabeth and Joshua said simultaneously, "I am." "I have been."
And this mother's heart filled with joy.
Sometimes I think my kids roll their internal eyes at me when I suggest we pray about everything. But one of my greatest desires is that my children learn to pray at all times, that they become convinced God truly does listen and care - and has the power to act. So, if their eyes are rolling, let them roll.
But Monday night in the dark of the van I could see their eyes weren't rolling. I could see my children are learning to pray on all occasions. And my heart was truly blessed. Thank You, Jesus!

Oh, and Elizabeth found a female rat to adopt and love when we made that final stop. Because God cares for her heart, and He has the power to act!

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luvmy4sons said...

Oh. Aaawh. A fruit moment! Isn't isn't it wonderful? I love it! Our rate has recently developed a large round mass on his chest. But I have put my foot down. NO MORE RODENTS! Of course mine have been through quite a few already. Blessings sweet sister! Loved this!

Amanda said...

"I am" "I have been"

I cant imagine sweeter words for a mom to hear!

This blessed me today...


Mary said...

That is so sweet! I love those moments when we see our kids doing something we have been trying to teach them over and over. Yay God!

Jessica said...

That's awesome. :-)

I'm sorry about her rat. I think I saw that on facebook. So glad you found her a new one.

Kelly Combs said...

*sniff, sniff* That makes my heart feel good. :-)

My 5 yr old said the other night "I just told the devil that I don't like him and I'm never going to listen to him!" Well, good!

Anonymous said...

Such a great moment to see our little ones praying!!

I misplaced my keys this morning & I was going crazy looking for them, afraid Miss K would be late for school, when Miss K said: "Oh Jesus, please help momma find her keys!" Love it!!

Angie Muresan said...

Your children's comments made me tear up. How sweet and reassuring to know that your words of loving motherly advice are being heeded to.
I really applaud you for allowing a rat in your house. Even if it is a pet. My son wants a rat, snake, or bat, and I told him that not while he's living under my roof.

gianna said...

that's so sweet! seriously sends chills down my spine. and i would LOVE to come see you 3/13 in Burnsville, but my baby's due date is March 24 and i don't know if i should book that in advance. we'll see. i promise! i would love to see you (and amanda since she is going to be around, right?) burnsville's about an hour away.

warmchocmilk said...

So good to know a mother's work actually makes a difference!! :) Good job!

l'air du temps said...

sweet! when i was a little girl my aunt taught me to pray every night. i still pray all the time. i can be half way across the world while traveling and be saying my prayers. that's how i was taught.

it's so wonderful to see your efforts come to fruition in your children's prayers.

btw, thanks a bunch for stopping in on my blog via Angie Muresan.

have a blessed day.

Ronel Sidney said...

So, sweet and powerful that your children are learning to stay in prayer like their mommy!!

Lucas and I have been praying before school everyday and he is beginning to be more vocal about prayer before he would whisper or roll his eyes about praying in front of his class room. I am pleased he is beginning to appreciate prayer :0)

Rosy Caesar said...

Yessss. Mercy drop moments... sure, showers of blessings will follow. There is no greater joy than to see our little ones understand that He is the hope and clinging on to Him placing all their Trust in Him. Happy for you Karen.

Edie said...

"I am. I have been." I love that! Now Word Girl is thinking about that. I guess she rolls her internal eyes a lot. I think she got a little encouragement from your kids. :)