Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Your Heart Faint?



Proverbs 27:19 said...

My heart is faint. I feel as if I can not rest right now. The perfect timing is not my timing and that upsets me. I'm trying, I'm trying.


Edie said...

You always encourage me Karen. Yes His timing is perfect.

My 11 year old grand-daughter was sitting here as I was listening and even she knew what happened when your kids came home. She said "chaos" in reply to your question. :)

Ronel Sidney said...

So, perfect for today... Lucas and I had a horrible time this morning. I ended up yelling and putting him in time out... I totally need to rest in Him... my heart was sad and upset this morning.. thank you for sharing!!

On Purpose said...

As I listen today to this message, and read the comments above...I feel encouraged just knowing I am not alone in this world called womanhood/motherhood! Thank you for reminding us who He is again today...His consistency is so pure and rich...when my weakness and inconsistency is so obvious...asking today He trump me and trusting and knowing He will!

Angie Muresan said...

Thank God for you Karen. I feel so renewed and hopeful after I read your posts or listen to your messages. I have a friend who is going through a very difficult time with her teenage son. She is a believer, but feels so discouraged lately, crying herself to sleep every night. She is faint of heart, yet she isn't giving up. Thank you.
By the way, where do you get those virtue cards from?

Amanda said...

Love that verse... thanks for your perspective on it!


jtkpatch said...

I love that you are such a prayer warrior! I have that pray card and I forgot about it:( I need to come to a stronger pray walk with God. not ceases at all!!!with thanksgiving.