Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Don't Let Your Mood Dictate Your Direction"

The above quote comes from my wonderful husband. A.K.A. my voice of reason.

I am so thankful for him.

Have you ever been feeling kind of blah, and found yourself questioning the reason for your existence? Doubting your worth? Wondering if you're where you should be?
I've done a very recent and quick dive into this kind of mood, and those questions have been floating over my head.
Oh, I know the Truth, but sometimes I get in these ruts and I start to over-analyze everything.
That's why I'm so thankful for my voice of reason. God speaks through him so clearly sometimes!

Don't let your mood dictate your direction.

OK. I've got it.
I'm only going to let God dictate my direction. He is steadfast and doesn't change like my moods. Yes. I will hold onto Him!

If you're in a place like mine today, I pray these words will lift you up, too.

And I hope you'll come back tomorrow. I'm going to post a song that God has been using this week to carry me.

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Mary said...

I'm HORRIBLE about this. :( But after a long talk with 'my voice of reason' as well, I've been consciously trying to push past moods and not let it affect Just because I am blah doesn't mean the whole world is falling in.

It's a struggle, but I'm working on it.

Thanks for sharing, Karen. :)

Deirdre said...

this is one of my bigger pitfalls. I can sometimes be a total slave to my emotions. It is so wrong, but when I'm in the throes of very very glad for your husband speaking that perspective into your ears right when you needed it.
I wish I had someone at my desk all day at work to do that to me.
I know the Holy Spirit is there, but I have to listen. Sometimes what I need is a swift kick to re-direct me.

On Purpose said...

Sounds like our husbands could 'run' in the same circle...for I too have heard this same advice! :)

Kelly Combs said...

My husband always says PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). His slogan to me is "PMA, not PMS!" What a jokester, that man of mine. *grin*

O Mom said...

Needed that right this minute. I'm going to tell this mood to just go away and I'm going to go on about my day as if the greatest thing has just happened. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh...I can so relate to this...I can be a slave to my moods...when I get into a funk like that, I have to make a conscious effort to STOP & let the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear...I do struggle with this, though...sometimes I give in to those emotions & I always regret it.

Can't wait to tune in tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Wise, wise words...but oh so hard for me to follow!! I need to make up my mind to just do it!

Blessings to you sweet girl!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did. You don't even know how much I needed to read this post! I've been doing my fair share of doubting lately.

Angie Muresan said...

My mood dictates my actions very rarely. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer (about 5 years ago) I learned to control my moods and pay attention to hers.

Jessica said...

My hubby is a voice of reason. LOL

kreed said...

My husband and kids were practically running form me the other night when my mood was dictating...I better get it under control!

LisaShaw said...

Talk about WORDS OF WISDOM! Don't let your mood dictate your direction. Sounds like your hubby is like mine with sound wisdom. My hubby told me once, "don't let the noise stop you". He met the noise of people who did not support me in areas the LORD was moving in my life.

I am so blessed by this message Karen. I will hold on to the words you wrote here.

Love ya!