Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing? ...Or Cheap?

You make the call!

Last week I was washing my face before I went to bed, and my husband told me I'm amazing. (And not because he was putting the moves on. *wink*) He said I was amazing because of my ability to use ALL my cleanser.

See, I started off with a tube of cleanser like this:

And now the one I'm using looks like this:
Because I did this:

You see, I squeeze and press that tube until I can't get any more cleanser out of it. But once - when I was about to throw the "empty" tube away - I thought, What if there's more in there which I just can't get to come out?
So I grabbed my scissors and cut the end off the tube. And I was shocked at how much cleanser was still in there! Seriously - like at least a week's worth.
So now, when it seems the tube is empty I cut the end off and use the cleanser that's still in the end of the tube for a couple days. Then I cut another inch or two off the end of the tube and get a couple more days of cleansing in. Finally, I make one more cut and spend another week or more using all the cleanser which is still by the opening of the tube.
Can you see all that?
Yep, that's what I do. Use my cleanser for nearly two weeks after the tube seems to be empty. All this time I simply thought I was making Grandpa Hossink proud (Those of you familiar with the stereo-type of Dutch frugality will understand. *wink*) but now I've come to discover my husband thinks I'm amazing.
Hmmm. Amazing, or cheap?
What do you think?



Mari said...

I say you are amazingly brilliant!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks, Mari. *grin*

Enyonam said...

I say you are brillian and amazing :-)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I am all about using EVERYTHING in a container. My husband and sister will throw things away that still have a ton of stuff in them. Not me!

I use it till it is all gone.


Patricia/NYC said...

Genius! You gave me a great idea with this! I'm only sorry that I just threw my "what I thought was empty" tube of cleanser away last week...oh well, live & learn! :)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I'd have to go with: AMAZING! I love getting every last bit out of a tube of: lotion, face cleanser, toothpaste, etc. But I've never thought of cutting it open. Thanks for the tip!! :o)

Stephanie said...

Totally amazing!

Sara K. said...

That is AWESOME! I would have never thought to do that!! And kudos to your husband for telling you you're amazing. :)

Cindy said...

I use the very last drop of everything! I will turn the soap container on its side when it's almost empty because the pump won't reach all the way to the bottom. My husband says he doesn't understand how I am so frugal about some things and extravagant with others. I'm sure I don't know what he's talking about, lol!

Tamrah T. said...

Just my way of thinking...use every
last drop! My husband doesn't quite get my way of thinking. BUT I know for the price paid on cosmetics, it's just using good stewardship of our funds.

Anonymous said...

One who has been described many times as being "frugal"...I have to say that you are "amazing" and "wise"!! Thanks for the tip!!

Debby Ann

Irritable Mother said...

Enyonam - Thank you. *blush*

Leah - 'Atta gIRL!

Patricia - I bet that's the last time you throw away an 'empty' container!

Jodi - You're quite welcome. I guess it's the surgeon in me trying to come out. ;o)

Stephanie - Why, thank you. *wink*

Sara - Yeah. He's pretty amazing, too. :o)

Cindy - You crack me up!
Guess I shoulda mentioned that on the same day he 'caught' me harvesting my cleanser I also discovered I'd just wasted $40 on a pair of shoes. They felt great in the store, but when I wore them to work for a day? *ouch*
Never again.
Well, the money I 'wasted' was money from a Christmas gift. So that only half-counts as wasting, right? *sheepish grin*

Tamrah - That's what I'm saying. It isn't cheap cleanser!

Debby Ann - Thanks. And, you're welcome! :o)

Beth E. said...

You are absolutely, positively amaaaaaazing! I do the very same thing. ;-)

Irritable Mother said...

Beth - I just threw that tube away this week. I think I used it for three weeks after I first cut it open. Glad to be in your company. ;-)