Friday, January 07, 2011

Lessons from the Edge

Step back and be quiet.

One of the fun things I'm doing at Edgewood involves taking a resident out for dessert. Each month I put something in the newsletter that requires a response. And everyone who responds gets their name in a drawing - with the 'prize' being that I will take them to the restaurant down the street and buy them dessert.
When I came up with this little idea, I intended for it to be something fun and special for the residents, but I'm finding that I benefit from it, too. (I mean, beyond the caramel apple cheesecake! *wink*) An hour of uninterrupted one-on-one time with a senior citizen is full of little treasures. And last week my treasure came in the form of parenting wisdom.
As I sat across the table from P asking her about her family, I learned that she had raised three sons and a daughter. I think I probably rolled my eyes when I told her I am just about to enter the teen years with my first son. And I'm a little lot scared.
With a voice full of wisdom and experience P simply told me to step back and be quiet. She understood my propensity to want to nag talk to my son until he 'gets it', but she assured me I will experience a lot more peace in my relationship with him if I go against my instincts.
I'm learning more and more to value the wisdom of those who have "been there" and as I listened to P sharing these words with me, I knew she was giving sage advice.

*big sigh*

Joshua will be 13 in just six days. I'm gearing myself up to face these years with courage, and the wisdom of those who have gone before me. And - besides prayer - I think my main M.O. will be to Step back and be quiet.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...


I think P's advice would work well in many of my relationships. Over the past year, the Lord has consistently told me to "Wait and trust!" I think 'step back and be quiet' falls under the same scenario.

Ok, so I need to assimilate stepping back and being quiet into my routine!


TheUnSoccerMom said...

My Mom and grandmother (and even my paternal grandmother b/4 she passed away) give/gave this same advice to me.

Oh how hard it is!!!

Praying for you! :o)

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my goodness, Karen!!! This have no idea how it spoke to my's just uncanny how this particular message was the third of it's kind that I "heard" in the last 24 hours!!

VERY, VERY wise advice that this momma needs desperately!! ;)

HUGS, my friend!!

Sara K. said...

I suspect that I will be walking in your footsteps in just 8 short years, Karen. *gulp!* I am so thankful for the Lord's grace and guidance AND the wisdom of those who've gone before us!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful advice to receive. Having a daughter who is now 26 and my lil' man who just turned 10 in December...thanks for the reminder!!

Debby Ann

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - Wait and trust? Yeah. I think I've heard that, too!

Jodi - Seems to be everyone knows that's what we need to do. And they've been there. That's comforting.
Thanks for praying!

Patricia - HE speaks. Amen?

Sara - Yes, it's likely that you will. And HE will be walking with you!

Debby Ann - It's good to see you! :o)
Just curious - since you've already 'been through it' with your daughter, do you find it easier with your lil' man?

Cindy said...


It's so hard for me to step back and be quiet. But I finally learned with my children (who are now grown) that sometimes it's the best thing to do.

Psalm 141:3 was pasted up all over my house: " Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips."



Irritable Mother said...

Cindy - Ahhh. Sounds like a good verse for me to carry in my pocket!
Thanks for being another one to vouch for this advice. :o)