Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom Jeans

OK, so I have this little problem. I can never find jeans which fit me the way I like. And it drives me nuts. I mean, I have jeans that are about a hundred years old which fit the way I like. But they, well, they're kind of worn out!

So after one of my recent shopping failures trips, I was sharing my woes with my husband. "Honestly! I can fit my fist in the back of each pair of jeans I try on. WHO is shaped like that??? And why can't they build a bit more leg room into jeans these days? I like them a little baggy."
At this point in the rant conversation, my daughter piped up. "Well, uh, you don't have to keep wearing 'Mom Jeans'."
"'Mom Jeans'?" I replied. "What's wrong with my jeans?"
She didn't answer. (Smart girl. *wink*)
It was Elizabeth's comment, and encouraging words from a few friends, which convinced me I probably ought to start looking for another style of jeans. But I kept hearing myself say, Low-rise, skinny jeans? Really??? However, I reasoned the low-rise option would eliminate the gaping waist issue. So I was willing to give it a try.

Fast-forward a couple weeks.

I was out shopping again and could hardly believe it when I found TWO pair of jeans that fit me well. The waist was just the way I like it. Not low-rise, and not gaping in the back. And the legs? Well, they were quite snug but I got the approval of another woman in the dressing room. And I figured, Hey, at least they don't look like my 'Mom Jeans'.
So I bought them and left the store, as happy as a kid in a candy shop.
The next day I was excited to show them to my daughter and son. (Joshua had joined Elizabeth in the 'Mom Jeans' evaluation mentioned above.) I said, "Do you like my new jeans?" as I walked the imaginary runway in the kitchen. And I received approving nods from both of them.
Had I really just crossed the line to 'with it' in my kids' eyes? This made me so happy!
But then I asked the wrong question. I said, "So, what is it that makes jeans 'Mom Jeans'? Is it the baggy legs?" They both stared at me with a look in their eyes that said, 'Duh!' and told me - No. The thing that makes 'em 'Mom Jeans' is the waist that doesn't show your underwear sits above your waist.
Then I guess I'm still wearing 'Mom Jeans'.
But they fit me, and I like them. And my kids don't have to wear them. And I'm a Mom. So it's OK for me to wear 'Mom Jeans', right?

Besides, they really look cute. :o)



Jessica Nelson said...

Oh no! LOL I can't stand those high waists... ew! LOL
Low waist all the way for me (and yes, I always have to worry about my underwear showing, heh)
Congrats on finding pants you like!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I lived through the bell-bottom, hip-hugger era in the late 60-70's and I know for a fact that these hips do not need hugging. Plus, some of the low rise jeans sit so low that my belly shows. NO ONE wants to see a 46 year old belly. I certainly don't.

I is hard to find jeans that fit and are decent and modest!


Irritable Mother said...

Jessica - Well, you are just too cool for me. *wink* At least I don't have to worry about my undies peeking out. LOL!

Leah - Yeah. I'd rather have my kids hug my hips than my jeans. *grin*

TheUnSoccerMom said...

YES, I say, as long as you're comfortable, wear 'em and wear 'em proud! :o)

I'm super short, so I only have a few places I can actually buy jeans that fit. I like Maurices b/c they have a good selection of petite and they have 'mid rise' jeans. Which in between low rise and "mom jeans". ;o)

Nichole said...

Celebrating that we all have issues with Jeans...its keeps me praying in the dressing rooms at the stores :)

Patricia/NYC said... for jeans...not my favorite thing to do (they are usually way too long for me)...when I finally find a pair I like, I buy 5 pairs of them!! lol!

Here's my fashion motto: If they look good on & are comfy AND I feel good IN them, then it's all good! :)

I bet you look great in your new jeans! :)

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - You're short? I never pictured you short! So do you have one of those shirts that says, "I'm not short. I'm fun-size!"? I love those! *grin*

Nichole - In all honesty, I was praying on the way into the store. And I thanked HIM over and over for even caring about my jeans.

Patricia - Yeah. I bought another pair online, so now I have THREE. *happy me*

Tiffany Stuart said...


Cute. I have a friend who sings a mom jeans song. She's a comedian. I know there's a video to her singing it on FB but I checked Youtube and it's not there. Anyway, I understand the battle for jeans. I'm glad you like yours.

gianna said...

I don't have to worry about "mom jeans" All I have to do is a wear a long flowing skirt (or any skirt for that matter) and my girls are the happiest things in the world!

Hey! WE need a picture!

Cindy said...

When my daughter was a freshman in college she insisted that we go shopping for some new jeans for me. Because she said I really needed to give up the Mom jeans. She said I needed to get in style, blah, blah, etc.etc. I had to explain to her that an old woman should not wear the same kind of jeans as her teenage daughter and that I couldn't wear low jeans because my stomach would spill over the waistband. And the muffin tope is just not attractive no matter what your age!

Irritable Mother said...

Tiffany - I'd love to hear that song.

Gianna - A picture? Don't hold your breath. LOL
Well, maybe someday.

Cindy - Wait just a minute here! Are you saying I'm OLD??? *wink*
Yeah. I won't be wearing her things, but I must admit I think it's fun when she wants to wear my things.

Cindy said...

No, I didn't mean to imply that you're old! I'm sorry. I was talking about me 'cause I am! My daughter just kept trying to steer me to the stores where she liked to shop.

Irritable Mother said...

Cindy - I was teasing. I knew you were talking about yourself. :o)