Monday, January 10, 2011

Whom Shall I Fear?



Stephanie said...

Fear has been my companion for a long time... I've been learning about God's perfect love, and the fear has no place in my life. Your video today is a beautiful start to my day with new (to me...) verses to get me going! Thank you Karen!!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Great post, Karen, & a wonderful reminder to begin the week!

Irritable Mother said...

Stephanie - You're quiet welcome.
Repeating this verse and reminding myself what is TRUE is really helping my days, too!

Patricia - Thank you.
May the peace of Christ rest upon this week!

Wendy said...

I've found that my biggest fears have been of myself and my failings...How will I fail? Who will I fail? But if God is my light, my salvation and my stronghold, then I have no need to fear myself for in my weakness, He is strong. :)

(Just curious...what leads you to memorize the psalms that you choose?)

Sara K. said...

This is encouraging, Karen! Will you remind me/us how you are going about this memorization process? It sounds like doing it this way really permeates your world! I need that too! :)

Irritable Mother said...

Wendy - *ahem* Yeah. Those fears are a 'given' for me. Another area in which God is leading me toward Truth!

Regarding how I chose my psalms - I did 139 at the suggestion of a friend. And over the past few months I have been keeping my eyes open for the next one I would do. 27 has been brought to my attention several times, so I just decided that's the one I would do now.
And as I read through psalms, I make mental notes of ones I would like to memorize. (33 caught my attention a couple days ago, and 66 & 67 today. What'll that take me into, 2013? *grin*)

Sara - Yes! I memorize a new verse on the first and fifteenth of each month - and spend the following two weeks meditating on that verse. I think about it at various times throughout the day.
And once or twice a day, I recite to myself all the verses I have learned so far - to keep it 'there'. I'm trying to do that with Psalm 139, too, so I don't forget it!