Monday, March 07, 2011

Who's in Control?



Patricia/NYC said...

OK...HE us sending me a big ol' message because this is the
2nd lesson today that speaks to me on the same issue! I think he's shaking me by the shoulders today!! lol!!

Very wise post, Karen, thanks for sharing this with us!

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - When God repeats Himself...
The wisdom is HIS, and He gives freely when we ask - without finding fault. Thank You, God!

Sara K. said...

Yes! I totally *do* struggle with thinking if I just did everything "right" then things would go better/smoother! However, that line of thinking takes God out of the equation, doesn't it?! Yes, I too tend to take too much responsibility for how my kids turn out... as you said, as if my "stellar example" is what will help my kids become loving people! No... it's by the power of the Holy Spirit!

However, lately I have sensed God speaking to me about my attitude... that when I am frustrated and harsh, my children respond in their own level of frustration... but when I respond lovingly and with patience, their attitudes are better too! So I think it starts with the Holy Spirit convicting me, and then me obeying and exercising self-control...

Funny... I know the right answers, but actually living it out is... well... not easy. Thank God that HE works all things together for good!

Irritable Mother said...

Sara - Yes! Our attitude, our example is so important. As you said, it affects our kids significantly. BUT the ultimate control still rests with God, alone.
Yeah, knowing the answers is one thing. Living it out? *sigh*
So thankful for God's grace and patience!