Thursday, March 03, 2011

All's Well

"Hope all's well with the fam!"

That was the closing line in an email I received last week from my little brother. He's almost 32 years old, but I still like to call him that. *grin*
After I picked my jaw up off the floor (Because he never sends me email, and this was the second message I'd received in as many days!) I pondered how to respond to his last statement.

* I could tell David about the way my boys wiggle and squirm through our family prayer time, and how I wonder sometimes if they're listening. Or if anything is getting through to them.
But God has reminded me that it's my job to be faithful. HE's the One who will speak to their hearts.

* I could mention that I had to pick Matthew up from school because he'd gotten into a fight with another boy. Could detail the tears and denials which followed, and my concern that he isn't learning responsibility.
Yet as I was praying about that situation, God reminded me of HIS patience - and HIS ability to use every circumstance for HIS purposes.

* Or, I could bemoan the fact that it's still hard trying to balance work and family responsibilities. That some days I still want to through my hands up in the air and say, "I QUIT!"
But God graciously brings me back to the assurance that He's got my back. He is in the midst of my struggle, and He is going to bring me through it.

So as I pondered what to say - in light of God's grace toward me - I realized there really was only one thing to be said.

Because God is good, all IS well!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Kinda like the old song, "It is Well With My Soul". I love the story behind that song. It is amazing that the author could say that it was well with his soul.


Pat Walsh said...

Great response.

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - I love the story, too. It makes me appreciate the song even more. And reminds me how important it is that we remember what's going to last. Our pain and trials are temporary!

Pat - Thanks. David is not a believer, so I like to grab opportunities to speak highly of God when I can. *grin*

Amanda said...

Great reminder in tough circumstances. :)

Anonymous said...

God is good and faithful through the good times and bad :O}

Blessings my friend,
May many blessings rain down from heaven upon you and your family today...

Debby Ann

Irritable Mother said...

Amanda - In tough circumstances and smooth sailing ~ God is good, and all is well!

Debby Ann - "God is good and faithful through the good times and bad." Yes! I don't think it was by 'chance' that this post was scheduled today - when God knew I would be getting an email from a teacher and a call from the assistant principal, regarding Joshua's behavior. So tempting to feel like a failure mom, and to resort to hopelessness.
But God reminds me - through my own words and the comments of friends - HE is faithful and I can trust Him!
Thankful for those blessings raining down - even if I don't recognize them as such, just yet.

Patricia/NYC said...

"But God has reminded me that it's my job to be faithful. HE's the One who will speak to their hearts."

Karen, there is so much wisdom in this sentence & it really spoke to me today...thanks for making me think on it! :)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

As long as God is good, all will be well. And we know God never fails us, so all will be well forever and forever Amen! :o)

I have a friend that I've known since we were in the 4th grade. I remember her little brother. Never could sit still... constantly bugged us when I would spend the night... picked fights w/ his sisters... And now? He's a youth pastor. He's either just completed Seminary or is about to. AND he will be a father in July.

When I heard he was going into the Seminary... It didn't surprise me, but I thought back to the little boy who LOVED mischief and I wondered... I know God knew all along what he would do with his life. My friend's brother went through and did all he did b/c it will help make him a WONDERFUL youth pastor. Who wants a youth pastor (or ANY pastor for that matter) that can't relate to their congregation?

Who knows if your boys will go into the Seminary, but being Christians, they are always Missionaries. If they can relate to other people and give the Glory to God, the hard times will be worth it.

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - You're welcome. Thanks for highlighting it so I can think on it some more, too!

Jodi - Thanks for a good story to encourage me. With all that has transpired today? I needed it! *sigh*