Thursday, October 06, 2011

I may be annoying...

...but one day you'll thank me!

Oh, dear. I am soooooo annoying my sons!
*I'm requiring them to make their lunch BEFORE they go to bed. Because there have been too many mornings when the rush to get to out the door has been crazy. (And I have ended up driving one or two boys to school.)
*I call them from wherever they are in the house to come to their bedrooms and turn off their lights - even though I could simply turn it off for them when I walk by.
*I vowed to Joshua that I will not drive him to school again because he missed the bus. He needs to plan ahead - and ask me the night before - if he needs a ride to school.
*Though I am not their school teacher, I tell them they need to work on projects prior to the night before they're due. Trying to convince them it isn't a waste of time to do work instead of playing.
*AND, I won't do their homework for them. Help? Yes. But they like to try to get me to do it. HA!

Those things plus my repeated reminders to pick up dirty socks, throw away empty yogurt cartons and snack wrappers, rinse out their ice cream bowls, and empty the trash make me ANNOYING.

Maybe. But if they get into the habit of doing these things, I am confident one day they'll thank me for being so annoying. Or, at least their future wives will.



TheUnSoccerMom said...

I'll join you in the annoying department! ;o)

They really will thank us later and they will annoy their kids too! ;o)

Heather In Michigan said...

My husband and I will call our kids away from whatever they're doing to turn off lights, pick up toys, clear their dishes...I guess we're annoying, too! (Though I believe they may choose a stronger word for it!)

Laura said...

No one tells you ahead of time how unappreciated you feel as a parent! News flash: they are NOT going to thank you for making them do the hard things tjat they news to do. LOL. (For all of those young kids that think having a baby will be sooo wonderful. ;)

Patricia/NYC said...

Well then, count me in as a member of the "Annoying mom club" too! *wink*

Jerralea said...

I totally agree. And I wish I had been more annoying as a mom!

Oh, that making your lunch the night before part? I wish my mom had annoyed me about that big time when I was a kid. It would have saved me from being annoyed at myself now.

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - Glad to be in your company. *wink*

Heather - I'm afraid my teen son might have a stronger word, too. But I have yet to hear him utter it. (And I suppose that's a good thing!)

Laura - Yeah. That truth might affect the survival of mankind. LOL

Patricia - Welcome, my friend!

Jerri - You wish you had been more annoying? That's an encourgement to me. Thanks.

Beth E. said...

You're such a meanie! ;-)

Most children have to be taught to be responsible and plan/think ahead. I don't know about your sons, but my sons had to be taught this lesson over and over and over. LOL!