Friday, October 28, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Look out for one another.

In a world where people tend to consider their own interests as of greater importance than anyone else's, it is so refreshing to know women like D.
D moved into Edgewood about a month ago. At first she was very timid - not sure where to go, or what to do - but now she seems to have found her place. And it is wonderful to see.

D is a helper and an encourager.

She is a regular at exercise class and I frequently see her helping other residents, either by handing them a cup of water or helping them adjust their weights.
Tuesday I came upon her talking to another resident who has trouble remembering things. D has trouble with that, too, and she was showing this other woman how she keeps track of activities with her calendar. B was so grateful for the idea!
And Wednesday when I went into the dining room to make announcements, D called me over to her table. One of the residents who usually sits there was missing, and D wanted me to check on her.

That's just the way D is. She is happiest when she's caring for others. Oh, she has her own problems and aches & pains - especially her hip right now - but her greatest concern seems to be the well-being of her friends and neighbors.

While some would say we need to look out for Number One, D has chosen a different path. And I, for one, think her path is better. Let us choose to look out for one another.



Leah Adams said...

I totally agree...althought i don't always do a great job at it! Thanks for the reminder.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

D sounds a lot like my Ma. She was always and forever looking out for others before herself. She lived for it.

I thank the Lord for women like D and my Ma to show us how to live. :o)