Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Not Biting

You must know by now that my Joshua is an avid fisherman. Well, last Thursday he seemed to be throwing out bait for me - only I wasn't biting.

Joshua was in a foul mood from the moment he arrived home from school. He was still stewing over the fact that the dock had been pulled early at his favorite fishing location (He'd found that out the day before.), he didn't want to do the thing our family was going to be doing together that night, and - to top it all off - he couldn't find anything to eat. He walked around opening and closing the refrigerator and freezer and various cabinet doors. (Slamming might be a better description.) Further, he was groaning and complaining as he paced in and out of the kitchen, where I was preparing dinner.
Typically when he behaves like that, I tell him to stop slamming things and get control of himself. To which he usually responds, "I'm NOT slamming things!"
And the argument ensues.
I'd been thinking a lot on Thursday about God being my strength - about Him fighting my battles for me. So I stood in that moment, as my son slammed and stomped and moaned around me, and I prayed. I asked God to take this one for me. Asked Him to fight for Joshua's heart, and to help me just be silent.
That's when I made the connection to the fishing thing. I thought, Joshua is tossing me all the bait that usually hooks me into an argument with himself. But I'm not going there today. Joshua, I'm not biting!

And I didn't. By the grace of God I was able to remain silent during Joshua's fishing expedition.
In spite of the small victory in avoiding Joshua's hook, my heart was heavy. I spent the next 24 hours thinking about my son and his behavior. Wondering about the direction of his life. Contemplating what I can possibly do to love him and lead him and encourage him. And God used one of His servants - a friend, and a mom who has 'been there' - to speak truth to me, to encourage my mother's heart. So as I continue to avoid biting Joshua's bait, I will also find comfort in the knowledge that God is fully in control - not me! And I will trust Him to fulfill His promises, and complete the work He has begun in my son.

Thank You, Jesus!



Anonymous said...

He's your oldest, isn't he? Teenager? Sounds like it. They can be so difficult to deal with. Trusting God is the only way thru it. Sounds like you are on the right track. We are dealing with teenage issues now too. Holding on to this verse: "He who began a good work in you...."

Irritable Mother said...

Anon - Yes, Joshua is a teenager. But he's my second - middle child.
Indeed. We will make it through by the grace of God alone! :o)