Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Little ADHD Humor

I know I have shared my woes here about the trials of raising an ADHD boy.
It feels like I am constantly walking behind Matthew in the mornings, asking him if he's done this, or that. Reminding him to stay on task. Telling him what time it is, so he realizes he needs to get moving.

It gets tiring.

The other day I knew Matthew had finished his shower. But he was still in the bathroom with the door closed, so I still needed to prod him along. I walked by the bathroom to tell Matthew he had 10 minutes, and to ask how he was doing. (How ya doin' in there? is code language for, Matthew, you don't have time to dilly-dally. Stay on task!)
As I asked the familiar question, Matthew responded, "Fine." And he paused. Then he said (and I could hear the smile in his voice), "I'm just about to get into the shower!"

Oh, funny boy!
Wish I could have thrown open the door to see the look on his face.
'Cuz I know he thought he 'got me'.

I said, "You're funny, Matthew. I know you've already taken your shower." And I heard him sigh. Awwww. Poor kid. He was playing a joke on me, and I didn't fall for it.
Maybe next time. *wink*



TheUnSoccerMom said...

Awww... you couldn't have given it to him?? hahaha...

Christen is always trying to play jokes on me... and sad to say, she gets me 90% of the time! hmmmm... I think I need to pay better attention... :o)

Karen Hossink said...

Jodi - Ah, but some days it isn't as funny. *eye roll*
I do like it, though, when the kids try to play jokes. It's fun to see their 'wheels turning'. haha