Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anna's Humor

We are so enjoying having Anna in our family!

Last week I shared her prayer with you. This week, I want to pass along some of her humor. These are things she shared with me when we were out shopping together recently.
If you sneeze once, do you know what that means?
Someone misses you.
If you sneeze twice, do you know what that means?
Someone said something bad about you.
And, do you know what it means if you sneeze three times?
You have a cold! hahahah!

If 1 equals 5, 2 equals 10, 3 equals 15, and 4 equals 20, what does 5 equal?
Did you think, 25?
No, silly! Five equals one. That's the first thing I said!
Anna "got me" on that one. And she was so proud. *wink*


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