Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Seeking PEACE Outside of the Quiet

I love my "alone" time.

I love being in the quiet when I can talk to God and ponder life. When I am able to lay my concerns at His feet. When He reminds me He is GOD and I can trust Him. When I come to a place of total surrender, believing what God has told me and receiving the PEACE that only He can give.

Oh! I love those moments!!!

But the other day - while I was enjoying one of those quiet moments - a question popped into my head. Why wasn't I feeling like this yesterday when I was stressed about work and family responsibilities? Why do I only feel this PEACE when I'm in the quiet?
I know God is good in every circumstance. I know I can trust Him in all things, and at all times. I know this! So, Why? I wondered, Why do I let the stress drown out the PEACE?

Most of my life doesn't happen in the quiet, but I long for that PEACE all day. So this is my prayer today. And every day.
FATHER, oh, Lover of my soul! Thank You for Your presence in every moment of my life. Thank You for the quiet moments You give me when my heart can hear You clearly and my spirit is in line with Yours. Thank You, God. I LOVE those moments! And thank You that the peace You give isn't reserved for those moments, alone. Today as I go about my daily things, as I experience stress and am surrounded by noise, Father, will You help me remember I can trust You? Will You speak through the noise and assure me You are good, even when my circumstances are not? Yes, LORD, will You help me know PEACE outside of the quiet? Thank You, JESUS!



Patricia/NYC said...

3 words:

SO, So true, Karen!!

gianna said...

exactly! I'm trying to learn this in the midst of children whining and upsetting circumstances. I'm trying to know His peace when I'm jumping up and down for joy and when I'm thrilled about something.

Thanks Karen! I, too, love this.

The Laundress said...

I have found peace on the yoga mat.
I could live there if you let me. But that's not reality.

I love coming here because I am not a religious person. And I can't say I am of any religious faith. Yet, you make your faith seem so, so inspiring.

Thank you for that.

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - Thank you. I'm glad this touched you. :o)

Gianna - God is present in every moment, so I know PEACE is there, too. Just need to find it!

Janet - Oh, how many days I have wished I didn't live in "Reality". But, here we are! *wink*
I'm so glad you visit my blog. And that my faith is inspiring to you. God is the center of my life!