Friday, March 02, 2012

Lessons From the Edge

And the winner of the camcorder prize pack from MyCokeRewards is.....Momteacherfriend!

Don't marry someone you don't know.

Seems like a pretty logical lesson, doesn't it?
Well Thursday as I interviewed the upcoming Resident of the Week, that lesson struck me in a beautiful way.
F and I sat on the couch in the atrium as he filled me in on the details of his life. He told me he had been married to his first wife for forty-nine years and one month. From the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, and the fact that he knew they'd been married "forty-nine years and one month" I could tell F had a wonderful love for his first wife.
He was widowed for a few years, and then married again. He married the widow of the man who delivered his first three children! F told me he had known this lady for quite a while. He couldn't say enough good about her. "She was quite a gal," he said. And I was charmed.
In time, F's second wife passed away, too. And a few years later, F married again. He moved from Michigan to Arizona to marry this lady. And once again, I was taken with how much F loved his wife. I wondered, How could you love three women so dearly?
But he did.
I could tell.
And then came the part that got me. F's third wife was the widow of the man who had hired F for his first job out of college. F and his first wife used to hang out with his third wife and her first husband! They'd been friends for a long time.
I looked at him and said, "Really??? Your first boss's wife?" F just smiled and said, "I don't marry people I don't know!"

Hey, he's 92 years old and has had three successful, loving marriages. The man knows what he's talking about! *grin*

Don't marry someone you don't know.
F's third wife passed away a little over a year ago, which is what brought him back to Michigan, and - ultimately - to Edgewood. He's happy, but I can tell he's lonely. Would you pray for him? Thanks!



momteacherfriend said...

Woohoo! We are so excited. I wish we would have had the camcorder when the kids found out we won. Jumping up and down and high pitch scream/squealing. LOL
Thanks Karen and Coca-Cola!

I love your idea of interviewing the residents. So much to be learned by them.

Irritable Mother said...

momteacherfriend - I am glad your troop was excited. Would love to have seen their reaction. ;o)
There is, indeed, much to be learned from the Edgewood residents. It's a blessing to know them!

Jodi@ said...

Sending up prayers for F. Oh, so, true. The world would have less divorces if 1. All marriages were based in the Biblical Truth of Marriage and 2. If more people would marry someone they know. :o)

Congratulations to Momteacherfriend!!!! :o)

The Laundress said...

How could you not love him.?

He's in my thoughts...

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - It's really something to think about. How would our world be different? I think it would be wonderful.

Janet - Really? You CAN'T not love him. He's just a great guy! :o)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I had been friends with my husband for 16 years before we started dating. He dated my best friend in high school. So, we had known each other a long time. We have now been married 17 years and it gets better every day.

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - That's a lot of history! I pray God will continue to bless your marriage. :o)