Thursday, April 12, 2012

God and American Idol

Seems like I'm on an oxymoron kick, doesn't it?

Depression at Disney

God and American Idol

What can either of those two possibly have to do with the other?
Well, you got the low-down on depression and Disney yesterday. Today I'll explain what God was doing with a idol.

When we went to Hollywood Studios I thought it would be fun to audition for the American Idol show. So I did. But I didn't get selected.
However, at the audition I noticed that "I Can Only Imagine" was one of the songs on the play list from which performers could choose to compete. And my mind got to working. If I audition with a song from the play list, perhaps my chances of being selected will improve.
All the rest of that day I was thinking about how much I would love to be on stage singing for the glory of my God - to an audience who might not otherwise be thinking of Him. I realized I didn't care about winning; I just wanted to sing that song to draw someone closer to HIM.

So I got up the next morning and went back to audition with "I Can Only Imagine."

The judge for whom I sang that morning was a sweetheart. We had a fun conversation before I even sang, and it was a delight to meet her.
When I was finished singing, she commented that I sang with passion. I responded by saying, "That's because I am passionate about Jesus," and she said, "So am I!" And from there, our conversation really took off. We shared about how God has seen us through our hard times, about how desperate we each are for Him. Then she told me something which made me understand what God was up to.
She said before she came to Disney she was surrounded by Christians and had ample opportunity to talk about faith. But her present situation doesn't allow for such conversations. She said that very morning she had prayed, asking God to bring her some encouragement that day. And there I was. Spurred on by an urge God placed in my heart to sing, standing in the presence of a young woman who needed encouragement. Realizing God used that urge to answer her prayer.

Ultimately, I wasn't selected for the show. But it didn't matter. My desire was to do the will of my Father, and His plan had to do with one judge named Nikki. Not an entire auditorium. And reaching that one delighted my heart!


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