Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Boy and His Snowman

My children had a snow day Monday. Bad roads in the early morning hours gave them a three-day weekend. And they were happy.
Besides laying around and playing plenty of video games, the kids went outside and made themselves a gigantic snowman. It was quite a process - involving a make-shift ramp for the mid-section, and breaking/re-making the top piece.
And since Joshua allowed me to post pictures of him last week, I felt obligated to post this one at his request.

My boy and his snowman!



jilma rudd said...

To a Floridian this pic of a snowman is totally awesome! I must say ....snowman and kid with a short sleeve shirt on....brrr! This from the polar fleece girl cause our highs were 57 today...after 80 degrees weather earlier this week...... :)

Karen Hossink said...

Jilma - It was in the mid-50s yesterday, and I was soooooooo wishing I'd worn shorts. I did do my afternoon errands in a sleeveless shirt. haha!

jilma said...

so funny its in the 50's here today and I just turned on the heat for a sec to break the chill....I am such a Floridian...oh and my son is wearing a puffy marshmallow jacket to ward off the cold...sleeveless and 50 degrees is unheard of in these parts! :)

Karen Hossink said...

Jilma - That reminds me of a family Thanksgiving gathering we had in Alabama many years ago. We all came down from Michigan and were wearing shorts because the weather was so nice for us. All my grandparents came up from Florida - and were wearing sweaters.
The pictures are funny, because it really doesn't look like we're in the same place - even though we were standing right next to each other. ;)