Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can You Help?

I have never done anything like this before - using my blog to ask for donations - but today I'm changing my rules. For this one time.

Many years ago, my older brother was dating a woman. I remember inviting the two of them to come to church with me and my family, and he said, "Oh! S would never step foot in a church!" (I recognized his use of her as an excuse... But also noted her disdain for church and all things God-related.)
In time they ended their relationship, though I often heard about the things going on in S's life. And I frequently wondered, What is ever going to come of her???
Well, let me just say, things got pretty bad. And at the bottom of her pit, S discovered God and His amazing grace and love for her. Brian and I were shocked when we met S years later - and found out she was the same S who had dated my brother. Only, she wasn't the same, because Jesus had made her into a new creation.

S and I have remained friends to this day, and I continue to marvel at the grace of God as He works in her heart and life. It's beautiful!
Well, this is S's daughter. She and her husband are facing a huge mountain right now, but I am confident it is not too much for God to handle. Will you please read her story and pray for her? And if God puts it on your heart, will you please make a donation to their fund?

Thanks so much!


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