Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are You Worried?

I saw this quote on Facebook a few days ago, and just had to share it with you here.
Oh, how true it is!

If you prayed as much as you worry,
you wouldn't have anything to worry about.



Anonymous said...

Great quote! Unfortunately for me, Im still battling the unhealthy pattern where it is easier for me to immediately worry about stuff instead of bringing it to God in prayer, yet, I have improved. Hopefully one day I will be at that point where prayer always comes first instead of the other way around where I get stuck in the worry frame of mind.***chera

jilma rudd said...

Great quote!!! You know something I have been pondering this week is that when Jesus was crucified he took care of everything....therefore he has your problem taken care of. What would happen if instead of worrying we simply would just start thanking him for handling it....thank him prior to you seeing the solution simply because you trust Him enough to know he has it taken care of....there is such victory in praise! Have a great week!

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - Keep moving in that direction. I find when I make it a habit to pray about everything - giving thanks for even the little things, giving praise for even the little things, asking for help with even the little things - prayer becomes a part of who I am. And it naturally flows from my heart, even when I feel pulled toward worry.
You can do it. HE will help you!

Jilma - Yes! When we start giving thanks - everything changes. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Karen for your words of wisdom***chera