Wednesday, February 27, 2013

41 or 12? Sometimes it's hard to tell...

Last week, Matthew had a little melt-down.
It was an "early release" day at school - which the kids generally LOVE - and when I got home from work, Matthew was watching a movie. (Probably because he'd gotten all his homework done as soon as he got home. haha) And as I began preparing dinner, he moved to the family room to play some of his favorite X-Box games.
I am not totally out of it. I realized he had been probably filling his extra couple of hours that day with lots of screen-time activities.
Something very interesting happened when I told the kids it was time to set the table.
Matthew could barely MOVE.
At first I thought he was just mad because I made him get off the X-Box to set the table. But then I realized it was because Matthew was soooooooo tired. Seriously. Every move he made came with extensive effort. In fact, he had to rest his head on the table as he placed the napkins.
It was quite a sight to see. *wink*
Matthew's drama sleepiness continued through dinner, and when Elizabeth was ready to leave for youth group, Matthew said he couldn't go. He was toooooo tired!
Although Brian and I told Matthew it would be good for him to go to youth group and be active - because he certainly hadn't been active playing video games and watching movies all day! - he continued his lethargic protest.
I knew he would perk up at youth group (He always does!) and really wanted him to go. But in his desperate plea for us to recognize how tired he was, Brian gave him a choice: Go to youth group, or be in bed - lights out; no books, games, or otherwise - at 8:00.
That's when the water works started. Tears, and cries about how unfair Brian's options were.

And just about the moment I was rolling my eyes at Matthew's drama, it was as if I could feel God's elbow gently poking my side. It was as if HE was directing my attention to the numerous times I have cried and protested about the decisions God has put before me.
Oh, I know God knows what is best. HIS wisdom is perfect. I should listen to Him and do what He says. Every time, and without questioning.

But sometimes I don't.

I guess sometimes I act more like I'm 12 than 41. *ahem*

How old are you acting today?


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