Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beauty and the Beau: Sadie's Edition

This weekend was the Sadie Hawkin's Dance at school for Elizabeth, and - of course - she asked Nick to be her date.
And - of course - they were adorable!

They were even crazy (in love) enough to agree to pose for pictures out in the snow!

Brian and I were chaperons for the dance, and had fun watching all the kids dressed up and excited about the evening. We were "stationed" at the end of a hallway, to make sure kids didn't go where they weren't supposed to, which meant we didn't get to "see" the dance. However, Beauty and the Beau made several trips out to visit with us. So we didn't feel totally out of it. *wink*

As we sat, Brian and I reminisced the dances we went to years ago, and it was fun strolling down memory lane. Who woulda thunk - when we were freshmen in college, dancing at the Halloween party (when I told him I was never going to get married!)- that 23 years later we'd be chaperoning a dance for our princess.
Twenty-three years ago my life was so different! I didn't know Jesus. I was on a path which was all about me. What I wanted. What I cared about. What would make me happy. Me, myself, and I. They were the three people I loved most. Who woulda thunk dating Brian and consequently meeting Jesus would have changed my life so completely?

I never thought of that option.
But I'm so glad GOD did!

I have no idea what the next 23 years hold for Beauty and the Beau.
But GOD does.
And I've learned I can trust HIM!

What has God done in your life - which you never would have thought could happen? Karen


Kaira said...

You said you were never going to get married? That's so funny! Did you remember that or did Brian?

I'm going to think about that question at the end. You Hossinks give me many good questions to think about. I've come up with some answers too. And, we've decided to go back to the big church and just see how we can get plugged in. I'm sure we'll talk more about this soon. :)


Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Yes, I sure did! LOL
We have laughed at that memory many, many times.

I'll be praying for you regarding church. So glad you've reached a decision. :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I said I would NEVER move back to my hometown. Never say never. We moved back in late 1999. It was God's hand that brought us back because 2 years later my precious Daddy was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. He died in 2004. I'm so thankful I was here to be with he and my mom.