Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad!

Matthew eats lots of apples.

I probably should just buy two bags every time I go grocery shopping, but that takes up too much room in the fridge. So I opt for a mid-week stop at the store.

Because Matthew eats lots of apples, and that second bag is always necessary.

Mind you, I am NOT complaining. I love that apples are his snack of choice!
The thing that bugs me is Matthew's habit of not throwing away the apple core when he's finished eating. It is not uncommon to find apple cores on the back of the couch, on the TV stand, on the end table, on the floor, or even on the seat of the couch. (You may want to watch where you're sitting if you come visit me sometime. *wink*)
So, the other day when I saw an apple core on the floor, I was quite sure I knew who was responsible for it. However, Matthew wasn't home at the time. I let out a sigh and walked over to pick it up. But - rather than throwing it away - I put it on a plate and set it in Matthew's bedroom. On his pillow!
Satisfied with my move, I told Brian what I'd done. He replied with a bit of a sarcastic tone, "I bet he still doesn't throw it away!"

I mulled over his comment for a moment and came back with, "Maybe so. But the apple core isn't on the floor anymore, and I didn't throw it away for him. Two out of three ain't bad!"

BTW, I checked Matthew's room before I typed this post and didn't see any sign of the apple core. Maybe he did throw it away!
Of course, there is so much junk on the floor of his room I suppose the apple core could be hiding there somewhere. *eye roll*



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Oh my! I guess it is good it isn't sardines or something like that. :)

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Eeeewww! For sure! ;)