Thursday, February 14, 2013

Among Friends

Four weeks from tomorrow Kathy Troccoli, Jennifer Rothschild, and Dr. Jeanne Porter King are coming to Trinity Church in Lansing for the Among Friends Conference.

And I.can't.wait!

The past few months have been busy for me, as I have been heading up the coordination of this event. And I know the next four weeks are going to be nuts, too. But to have a church full of women receiving the love, comfort and encouragement of God - and loving HIM in return(!) - is going to make all the effort soooooo worth it! That, and the fact I get to spend time with girlfriends at a hotel that Friday. No going home for this momma! Nope. Going home defeats the whole "get away" aspect of a women's conference. *wink*

Any of my Michigan friends who want to join this event, just email me. I can reserve tickets for you!


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