Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten Years Ago Today

Hmmmm. I wrote about it in my 100 Things post. (Was that really 1255 posts ago???) Other than that blurb, I don't think I've talked much about it here.

But today marks the 10-year anniversary, so I'm thinking about it. And I feel like talking.

Ten years ago today I had brain surgery to remove a little portion of my brain which had been causing me to have seizures for about 18 years. Go ahead and read my 100 Things if you'd like more details. I don't need to re-hash them here.
Just want to reflect for a moment on the goodness and faithfulness of God!

The past 10 years saw me grow in the LORD, and my understanding of how HE is working in my life through my trials and struggles. This decade was the beginning of my speaking/writing/blogging thing. It was the time when light was shed on my sons' attention difficulties, and the ensuing years of struggle - turned growth. It was during this time period when I learned my own struggle had a name: depression. And it has been these past years when I have seen God taking me through that trial, as well.
The past 10 years have had wonderful highs and difficult lows, but God has been faithful at every turn.

I remember laying in recovery ten years ago today, having a HORRIBLE response to the anesthesia, actually asking God to take me right out of my body - because that's how terrible I felt. I'm glad HE made me hang in there through the pain. The past 10 years have been so worth it!

Have you ever taken the time to consider God's faithfulness over a span of something like 10 years?


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