Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I Had Shoes Like That. Er, Never Mind.

I love my girl.
Elizabeth is a delight to my heart. Her love for God and her desire to live a life pleasing to Him brings me joy which words simply cannot capture.

But when it comes to shopping?
She can pretty much drive me nuts.
The girl is picky.
With a capital P-I-C-K-Y.

Over Christmas vacation I was forced had the opportunity to take her shopping for tennis shoes. Hers had holes in the bottom, and there was no way she could make them last any longer. Yes, she was wearing flip-flops in the snow. *I'm a terrible mother.*

So, anyway, we're shopping for tennis shoes.

The good news was - she knew exactly what she wanted.
The bad news?
The stores we visited didn't have them.
Oh, there were shoes which were kinda similar to what she wanted, and she stopped to look at them. For a moment, I was hopeful that she might even try them on. Give them a chance. Maybe even decide she likes them.
In fact, I was so excited about this possibility, I almost tried to motivate her to make the move by telling her that I had shoes just like them when I was a teenager. I think my mouth was opening and my lips were poised to form the words when I suddenly thought better of it.
Maybe wearing shoes like her 40-something mother - who still owns mom jeans - wouldn't be a motivating factor for her.

Yeah. On second thought, I just kept my mouth shut.

We ended up driving across town to find acceptable tennis shoes. But at least I didn't embarrass myself by trying to convince my daughter "those" shoes were cool when I was a kid. *wink*


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