Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Cruise to the Bahamas

Ahhhhhh! The cruise Brian and I took last week was uh-may-zing!

If you have ever considered a cruise before, I highly recommend taking it.

Not only was it beautiful (see the picture below) but it was completely relaxing, and loads of fun.

The time spent with my hubby was terrific. And the fact that someone ELSE planned the activities, prepared the meals, made the bed, cleaned the room, and etc. and etc. made it even better.
All I had to do was decide where I wanted to go - and show up.
Loved, loved, loved it!

We started off in New Orleans, traveled down the Mississippi and made our first stop in Key West. Brian and I biked around the island and found a beach where we spent an hour or two before re-boarding the ship.

The next stop was Nassau, Bahamas.
And this is where we went snorkeling. Cute, don't you think?
The water was gorgeous, and the fish were beautiful. Brian captured these on our underwater camera. (I tried to capture a fish, or two, as well. But they were too fast. I only was able to touch them quickly. *wink*)
Video editing and music compliments of my son, Josh.

After Nassau, we spent two days at sea on our way to Coco Cay - a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. And, I'm telling you, the island was heavenly. God gave us perfect weather that day, which I'm sure made it all the more lovely. (That's our ship off in the distance over my left shoulder.)

We made good friends with our table-mates in the dining room, fully enjoyed the activities and entertainment, and simply fell in love with our waitress and assistant waiter. Actually, all the staff and crew were exceptionally nice. It was a treat to be on board with them.

So there you have it, my official vote for everyone in the world to take a cruise. Especially moms. You deserve a break like this!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I am so glad you had a great trip. Our first (and only) cruise experience was horrible and consequently, we will likely never go on another. I think we are the exception rather than the rule, though. We have friends who love cruises. The only cruise I might consider taking is "The Journeys of Paul". Welcome back.

Mary Voogt said...

Feeling very jealous right now :) Maybe some day when my kids are grown my husband and I can get away like that. For now I spend my days sitting on the couch trying not to puke :P I'd be happy with the sun and warm.

Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

My parents took the whole family on one over New Years... 16 of us... from my 94 year old Grandma to my 3 year old twin nephews... four generations... it was HEAVENLY (and that was with kids!)

The hubby and I are going on another one in just a few weeks... just the two of us... (lovelikeyoumeanitcruise.com) and we have been every year for three years! We LOVE it! So glad you had time to relax just the two of you.. it's soooo needed!

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - It makes me so sad to hear that you and Greg had a bad cruise experience. "The Journeys of Paul" sounds interesting. As long as it doesn't include his ship-wrecks. ;)

Mary - But what a good excuse for puking you have! ((hugs))

Heather - Every year? I wanna get in on that plan. ;)

happyhome said...

Yah for cruise vacations! Looks like yours was awesome! We LOVED our RC cruise with the kids. So much fun!

Rachel Meyer said...

I've been on that very cruise route and ship and all! We've done 3 with Royal Caribbean! I'm and advocate! Glad you got to go :)

Karen Hossink said...

Angela - It WAS awesome!
I'm curious about cruising with the kiddos. There were hardly ANY kids on our cruise. (Probably because we went on a non-school-break time?) Were there many other kids on yours?

Rachel - I so want to do another. Probably in another 10 years when all the kiddos are out of college.
I mean, I'd like to do it sooner. I'm just thinking of when we'll be able to afford it. ;)