Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome to My Alphabet

Some moms look at the crazy goings-on in their homes and wearily say to guests,
"Welcome to my zoo."

Are you one of them?

I have certainly had the occasion to feel like my house was more of a zoo than a home.
I recently came to the realization, however, that this house may be better defined as an alphabet.

I've shared stories here about my boys and their ADD/ADHD antics. Well, the other day Matthew (my ADHD guy) was doing his chores - vacuuming the living room carpet. All was well until I heard the vacuum stop moving. For quite a while.
And I wondered, What is he doing now?
The boy gets so easily distracted. I could just imagine him gathering up air soft pellets from the floor and running to his room to put them back in his gun.
While leaving the vacuum running.
Or forgetting what he was doing altogether and leaving the vacuum behind to carry on with a completely different activity.

I rounded the corner to confirm my suspicions, only to find Matthew kneeling on the floor - vacuum tube in hand - sucking up every individual air soft pellet and speck of dirt.
He was intent on getting it all.
Seeing him there reminded me of the time I asked him to wipe the door of a cabinet in the kitchen. He ended up spending a good hour cleaning up so much more than I asked of him.
And there was the time I walked into the eating nook and found him with a toothpick digging out stuck-in dirt from the seams in the table. Oh, and that other time he cleaned out my computer keyboard in a similar manner.
Have I ever mentioned that I think the boy has a touch of OCD? *wink*
My GAD and MDD can make the ADD/ADHD/OCD tricky to handle at times. Add to that an occasional bout of IBS, some PMS every now and then, and regular fits of RLS - and you've got quite a mix of letters, moods and issues.

Yes, friends, welcome to my alphabet.

I'm just glad we're missing BBS, SFS, and EGD.



Kaira said...


Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Very funny. You're so clever. ;)

All My Monkeys said...

Haha. You need a glossary for all that. I didn't know what a few of those were. :)

Karen Hossink said...

AMM - Probably because I made some of them up. haha!
SFS = Stinky Feet Syndrome
EGD = Explosive Gas Disorder
So glad we don't have those. ;)