Wednesday, August 06, 2014

How Much Can HE Handle?

Endless amounts. That's how much.

And I, for one, am forever thankful.

Between the yellow car prayers, the mat-carrying prayers, needs which are shared on Facebook, personal requests, and on-going concerns I have been spending a lot of time praying. Sometimes I remember a need which was shared with me weeks ago, and I bring it to God. And some requests are almost automatic - rolling off my tongue as easily as I breathe.
Monday morning as I was praying for my mat-friends and my Facebook friends, I was struck one more time by God's faithfulness and power. I "remembered" a request which I'd previously forgotten, and I thanked God that the need had never left His mind. And as I contemplated my inability to really DO anything for these friends, I thanked God for His un-ending ability to DO everything for them.
It's amazing when you really think about it - God's ability to see and know and do all things. Sometimes I feel like I'm asking so much, bringing too many needs before Him. Occasionally I wonder if I am over-loading the stores of heaven with too many prayers. But then my Father graciously reminds me just how much HE can handle. So I return to my knees (Well, unless I'm driving...) and thank God for His power and faithfulness as I lay more needs at His feet.

Is there some way I can pray for you today?


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