Tuesday, August 19, 2014

While I was Dusting...

...I found a sweet note.

It was on the fireplace mantel behind some pictures, and has to be at least four years old. I'm not sure WHY that was it's location, because until Saturday - when I was dusting - Elizabeth was supposed to be dusting every Saturday. And the way I have always told her to clean is to take all the items off a shelf (dusting each as you take it off) and then dust the entire shelf before returning the items to said shelf. I'm sure she never cut corners with her chores because she wanted to get on to bigger and better things. Yet, somehow, this dusty note was hidden behind some picture frames. *Hmmmmm*
Anyway, I read the note and was filled again with love and delight for my girl.
This is what it says:
You are a shining star girl! Thanks for being such an example of Philippians 2. I want to specifically congratulate you on your simple obedience to Christ last Wednesday at Impact through baptism. I am convinced that the obedience you displayed helped fuel countless others in their faith journeys. Keep running to Jesus girl! You are dearly loved and appreciated.
- Jordan

I stood by the fireplace reading that note, wanting to tell her the exact same thing. Keep running to Jesus, girl! May your heart and life continue to be used by Him to fuel others on their faith journey.

I think I'll take this note along to Wheaton on Thursday when we go to move her into her dorm. That she may find encouragement on the days when "home" feels too far away.


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