Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turtle Update

Remember last week when I told you Josh was recording the baby turtles hatching?

Well, as any good grandma would, I have to share the video!

This one is fun, too. A time lapse of one little guy emerging from his shell.
Proud Papa released all the babies on Tuesday. What a great experience it was for him!



Leah Adams said...

How COOL!! Thanks for sharing this fun post, Grandma!!!! Loved it.

Kaira said...


Such cute babies. Almost makes me want to shed a tear, or 13. ;D

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - You're welcome, Honey. (That's how "grandmas" talk, right? *wink*)

Kaira - Why doesn't that surprise me? ;D
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is awesome!! I can't wait to show my kids when they get out of school, they will love it. Thanks for sharing. ---Chera