Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beauty and the Beau: Surprise! Edition

I had a little challenge last week.

I was in on two surprises, and it was difficult at times to keep the secrets.
In fact, I almost let it slip a time, or two.

The surprises started with Beauty. She was planning a visit to Beau for the weekend, to celebrate his 18th birthday. The plan - as far as Beau knew - was for Beauty to come into town after she finished classes on Friday. What he didn't know was that, since I was speaking Thursday in a town just minutes from Wheaton, I was picking up Beauty and bringing her to his house THURSDAY.
Beau was very unsuspecting when he came to answer the door.
And very happy.
The second surprise was one Beau had planned for Beauty.
He knew we were all coming to his birthday party Friday night, so he contacted Beauty's BFF and encouraged her to come along with us. M was as excited to see Beauty as the rest of us, and I was so happy for the surprise in store for my girl.
Because she'd just told me on Thursday how much she missed her BFF.
When we arrived at the party, Brian found Elizabeth and asked her to come with him to the van. (Where M was hiding.)
What a precious sight to see friends embrace.
But, honestly, the most precious thing to me was to see Beauty and Beau planning a surprise for one another. It was sweet to see them thinking of what would make the other happy, and then working out the details to make it happen.
I'm telling you, these two bless my heart!


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