Thursday, October 23, 2014

How To Motivate a Teenage Boy

Buy him a car, with the understanding he cannot drive it until he gets a job and starts making car payments.

So, I mentioned Tuesday that Josh wants a car. Well, the scam one didn't pan out, but he found another great deal. It is presently sitting in our driveway.
Here's the story:
For several months, Josh has been talking about wanting to get a job. He has talked and talked and talked. Once, he even went out and filled out an application. But he didn't get that job.
More recently (the end of the summer) he looked into another opportunity. But that didn't work out.
Besides those two instances, Josh's job search has mostly been talk. And it has included talk about needing a car to get to said job. Because he can't doesn't want to walk to it.
The problem is, how does a boy buy a car when he doesn't have a job? And how is he supposed to get a job if he doesn't have a car? Oh, the dilemma!

*Here comes Dad, to save the day!*

As I said, Josh has been looking for the perfect vehicle for himself, and finally found it.
And Brian agreed to buy it for him.
HOWEVER, Josh is not allowed to drive it until he has a job and starts paying us back.
I'm telling you, I have never seen that boy so intent on anything before in my life. I got home from work and saw the Jeep in the driveway, and walked into the house to find Josh at the computer putting the final touches together for his application. Then he drove (Using my van, of course!) to the store to submit the application. And I'm willing to bet he'll make follow-up phone calls without being prompted to do so.

I have one very motivated teenager on my hands.
And I love it!


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