Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Prayer ADD

Do you ever pray, and then find your mind wandering to another subject?
Like what the person you're praying for said to you the last time you were together.
Or, when the two of you are going to see each other again.
Or, how long it's been since you've prayed for Aunt Betty.
Or, what's for dinner.

I call it Prayer ADD, and hate to admit that I am afflicted with it much too often.

But last week, it totally wasn't my fault!

I had just gotten a text from my brother and was reading it as I walked to my van. The subject of his text was something about which I wanted to pray, so as I began driving I also began praying.
The radio was on, and after probably less than a minute a song came on which is a prayer cue reminding me to pray for the family of a young girl who died earlier this year.
So I began praying for them.
And as I turned a corner, a little squirrel ran across my path. Now, squirrels are my prayer cue to pray for my daughter, so I immediately began praying for her.

I confidently believe God prompts me to pray for people at just the right time, and I aim to respond obediently. So I prayed for my brother when that text came through. And I prayed for that family when their song began to play. And I prayed for my daughter when I saw the squirrel. And as I considered my prayer ADD and noticed how quickly God was leading me from one thing to another I chuckled and said to Him, God, You are not helping my ADD very much right now!

And I sort of expected to see a yellow car at the next corner.



Leah Adams said...

Prayer cues....what a neat idea! I'll have to develop some of my own, specific to special people in my life. thanks for the idea.

Kaira said...

I've been loving having prayer cues for specific people. I have been using that song as a prayer cue too and love that every time I hear it I am praying for her family and knowing that God knows just when they need prayers.

If you could manage a few more prayers, my dad is very sick, he's in the ICU, and I covet your prayers for his healing, and peace, and comfort.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Prayer cues are wonderful. And God has a way of adding more and more of them. I love it!

Kaira - Praying for your dad right NOW!

Deborah Sommerlot said...

Yep, yep, and yep!!!! I so can relate to this!!!

Sara K. said...

I LOVE your prayer cues idea! I'm going to have to adopt that for sure! :) Great idea for the squirrels -- ya see those all the time. ;) wink

Karen Hossink said...

Deborah - *smile* I knew there was something special about you.

Sara - When Elizabeth went to college I asked God to give me a prayer cue for her. She is a BIG fan of squirrels so they always remind me of her. I kinda felt like God was saying, Karen, do you really need to ask??? Of course, pray for her when you see a squirrel!
Yeah. I'm a little slow sometimes. *wink*