Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Surprise Visit to the Windy City

Saturday my baby girl turned 19.

How is that possible???

Well, she did.
This is the first year we weren't going to be having our usual family get-together to celebrate.
And that just didn't feel right.
How could we not be with our girl on her birthday???

Uh, the short answer is: We couldn't.

So, Brian and I took on Nick (a.k.a. "Beau") as an accomplice, and we planned a surprise visit to see Elizabeth (a.k.a. "Beauty") on her birthday weekend.
Friday morning Brian, Nick, Josh, Matthew, and I all piled in the van and road-tripped it out to Chicago. The five of us visited Shedd's Aquarium and then walked around town before going to meet Elizabeth at the train station. (Nick was already planning to visit her, so he told her to meet him in Chicago for a "surprise" adventure. She had no idea WE were the surprise!)
Along the way, we stopped by this great big silver "thing" in Millennium Park to pose for a picture.
Once at the train station, we got into position. When Elizabeth came down the stairs and hugged Nick, we all came out from hiding and hugged her.
She was so surprised. *grin*
From there we went out to dinner (Happy moment for me was when I heard Elizabeth say to Nick as we were all walking, "See that? That's my family!") and then walked over to the Briar Street Theater to see the Blue Man Group.
What a great show!

Saturday morning we joined Elizabeth and six of her friends for breakfast. (If you ever visit Wheaton, Illinois you simply must eat at the Egglectic Cafe. You're welcome.)
And then it was time to come home.

It was a fun, fun weekend.



Kaira said...

It sounds so fun! Nick was raving about the Blue Man Group. What a fun surprise y'all pulled off!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - It was sooooo fun! I'm thankful for the part Nick played in making it work. :)