Friday, April 10, 2015

This Week with Grandma

Have you ever wondered how to win a person's heart, and brighten their day?

If you have, I believe I have the answer for you.
Notice something about the person which is remarkable, and pay them a compliment about that thing.

It sure worked with my grandma!

A couple of weeks ago a visiting podiatrist came to our house for Grandma. She was soaking her feet while she waited for him, and as he took her feet in his hands to dry them I heard him say, "You probably have the nicest feet I'll see all day!" (She truly does have nice feet. They're sooooo soft.)
From where I was in the other room, I could hear them talking about other things - feet, toes, skin cancer, and NCAA basketball play-offs - and I knew they were getting along well. But I didn't realize just how much Dr. Nice-guy had delighted my grandmother until I overheard countless conversations she had after he was gone. On the phone, and face-to-face, I have heard her telling people, "And then he said, 'You probably have the nicest feet I'll see all day!' He was such a good doctor."
I smile every time I hear her tell about that incident. (And she's still relaying the story to anyone who hasn't heard it yet...) Because I know it makes her happy, and because it reminds me how easy it is to bring joy to a person's day.

So, if you ever see people (And I know you do!) give this practice a try.
Look for something about which you can pay them a sincere compliment. And then do it.

I wonder how bright we can make this world by speaking nice things.



Kaira said...

I love this! I'm going to add a daily reminder to my calendar. I remember the most random compliments I've received over the years.

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Wonderful! Let's give people good words to remember over the years. :)