Thursday, April 09, 2015

Be Still: Mom Edition

So, next week I get to help out a friend.
She leads a moms' group and had a speaker cancel at the "last minute".
Er, two weeks before the last minute.
Anyway, my friend asked if I could fill in. I had room in my schedule, and was happy to oblige.
So, next week I get to speak to this group of moms.

I spoke for the same group last year and presented Confessions of an Irritable Mother, so this time I'll be doing something different. My friend looked at the topics on my website and asked if I would speak on Be Still: God's Got This. And, since I am still fill of joy from presenting Be Still at a retreat last month I was only too happy to agree. But I will be doing it differently (as in, one 45-minute talk rather than four separate talks) and I want to focus on the needs of moms.
That said, I have a couple questions for you.
*What do you perceive as the greatest need (or needs) you have as a mom?
*How would you finish this statement? "God, when it comes to (your situation), I need You to fight for me."

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



Kaira said...

God, when it comes to problems bigger than my abilities, I need you to fight for me (or carry it for me). For instance, broken family relationships I don't know how to mend, I need God to handle them. In some cases I deeply desire restoration, and God knows I am trying to lay things down and forgive and love better, but sometimes I don't know how to do things on my own and I know I can trust him. Sometimes I get stuck. Or, a problem one of my kids is having that I can't fix, and I need to trust God has it, or I would be hopeless.

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Thanks so much.
I'm praying for you!

Sara K. said...

Greatest need as a mom -- two words -- Quiet. Time. I need a period of time (an hour? even a half hour during the day??) when no one talks to me, no one needs me to break up a fight, and I don't have to make any decisions. Where I can just think or read or BE -- without being interrupted. (The issue isn't that I hate being interrupted -- it's that my brain becomes overloaded by suppertime and I feel like it might shut down!)

And... "God, when it comes to raising my kids, and all my weaknesses, and all their weaknesses, and how it worries me -- I need You to fight for me today." I need to KNOW that God will work all those things together for the good... etc! That He can recycle ANYTHING into His good plans! I need God to fight for me -- against discouragement and the enemies lies! I need to keep centering on God's love and His truth!

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - Thank you!
My brain totally understands your brain. ;)
We're going to focus on Exodus 14:14 when I speak to these moms. "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." So much Truth and hope in those words. And the text which surrounds them... Wish you could join us.
I pray God will keep you focused on those things you need; that He will keep showing you His power and faithfulness.

Kaira said...

Thank you. I know you are and I appreciate it so much!

I know you'll give a great talk - wish I could be a fly on the wall. Praying those women hear from God through you.