Wednesday, April 08, 2015

God and the X Box

If you've been reading here for any amount of time, you know I have often been delighted by the various ways God speaks to my heart. But, would you believe it if I told you I think sometimes HE speaks through my son's X Box?

See, the other day Matthew was playing on the X Box with his friends (on X Box Live - where they wear these headphone things and can talk to each other/see one another on the screen). Anyway, he was intent on his game and talking to his friends - on their venture to rid the world of all evil.
Meanwhile, I was sitting across the room praying for a woman who attended the retreat at which I spoke last month. The theme of the retreat was "Be Still: God's Got This", and at the end of it I asked the ladies to fill out cards so I could pray for them. The cards said, "Be Still...God's got (blank)" and the women filled in the blank with their "this", i.e. the circumstance in their life with which they were committing to trust God. So, I'm sitting there praying for this woman's concern, asking God to remind her of His faithfulness and His power to handle her circumstance. And at that moment Matthew called out to his friend on the X Box, "I got this!"
I realized Matthew was probably reassuring his friend that he was about to shoot the enemy, but somehow I was sure God meant those words for me.
To assure me He heard my prayer for this woman.
To remind me He has, indeed, got this.

Oh, how I love it when HE speaks!



Sara K. said...

Cool! :)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - I know. It sill makes me smile when I think about that moment.