Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reason #4 that I Love Facebook

I get to keep an eye on my girl from afar.

Elizabeth has been at camp for two weeks now, and she's a busy girl. No time to talk to Mom on the phone.
And I get that.
I was a camp counselor and remember very well the absence of personal time. (Although she did sneak a text into me last week. *smile*)

In lieu of my daughter keeping me informed about what's going on at camp, I am checking Facebook every day. And am so thankful for whoever takes all those pictures and posts them.
Because I get to see things like this:

And this:
Those, my friends, are pictures of Elizabeth loving on a young lady at Friendship Camp.
Friendship Camp is a week for physically and mentally impaired folks to come to camp. And I have such wonderful memories from those weeks as a counselor at Cran-Hill.
That's why it delighted my heart so much to see these pictures of my daughter. Because I can see the love of Jesus flowing through her to that sweet girl. I know God is growing Elizabeth's heart, even as He is loving on her new friend.
And I am inspired to pray more, and I feel like I'm participating in the adventure. Even though I'm a couple of hours away.

Yeah. So thanks, Facebook, for providing the forum for me to see my girl.
And thanks, CHR photographer, for taking and posting the pictures every day.
And thanks, GOD, for everything You're doing in and through my daughter.

BTW, I happen to know there are spots available for summer camp. If you live in Michigan and have a son or daughter elementary - high school aged, I know a great place for them to spend a week!


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