Friday, June 19, 2015

This Week with Grandma

I started this week off praying that God would bring peace, and even joy, to Grandma's heart.

Then I was praying for her physical well-being.

By Wednesday, I was asking God to just let her bowels move.
Sorry if that's TMI. But it's reality around here.

When Thursday morning came, I was begging Him for mercy.
Mercy for my aching and discouraged grandmother.
Mercy for our broken world, and the broken hearts in South Carolina.

And as I recalled the diversity of my prayers this week, I was awed once again by the goodness of our God. From the seemingly insignificant request for a bowel movement, to the desperate plea for comfort in the midst of horror - I have full confidence that God was listening and acting.
To be honest, when I was praying for Grandma on Wednesday part of me felt a little silly. As if the God of the universe doesn't have more important matters which need attending? Oh, to be sure, He's got big things going down. But He reminded me in that moment of His attention to - and interest in - every little detail of our lives.
The thing is, nothing in our lives is too small or too insignificant to bring before God in prayer. Because He cares - about everything. And because He is able to tend to our needs - even while He's holding the rest of the universe together in perfect balance.

So join me, please, in praying for God's healing hand to cover everyone affected by the horrific shooting in South Carolina. Let's ask God for the freedom of Pastor Saeed Abedini, and the others who are being unjustly held in prison in Iran. Pray with me for our country and our world - which seem to care nothing for God, human life, or moral integrity.
But don't be shy about asking God for your "little" needs, as well.
He cares about your desire to have patience with your children.
God wants to hear your heart cry out regarding your need for wisdom with your teenager.
He knows you're depending on Him to provide a job, or a home, or a friend - and He's listening.
And that decision you need to make, which is a big deal to you? Yeah. He cares about it, too.

Therefore, let us pray. With trust that God will determine what is right, believing He is able to accomplish all things, giving thanks and praise to the One who holds it all together.



Sara K. said...

Amen! Praying in MN!

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - So glad to be joined by you!