Wednesday, September 16, 2015

HE is Here, too!

I had every intention of sitting down Tuesday afternoon and writing a thoughtful blog post about God's faithfulness. I hoped to share a story about answered prayer and His faithful direction. My objective was to give Him glory and inspire others to trust Him.

I didn't plan on interruptions which would cause me to reallocate my time. Had no idea certain activities would take longer than expected. And I certainly never intended for Mindy to get sprayed by a skunk, resulting in a need for a bath. (Josh took on round-one bathing Monday night. I did rounds one-and-a-half and two Tuesday afternoon.) Indeed, I did not program my day to be rushing around like a crazy woman trying to get things done, giving up on all thoughts of having time to blog.

But, alas. I found myself living in the midst of crazy, anyway.

And while I was there, I discovered something wonderful. God hangs out in the midst of crazy, too!
I was walking Mindy (Not because I had the time, but because she needed to dry off. And she wasn't content to do it on the deck, rather she was barking and whining - letting it be known that she wanted IN. And who could blame her? After all, she was right by the deck when the stupid skunk sprayed her. I wouldn't want to be out there alone, either!) and decided to take the time to pray. I began praying for a friend who simply has more on her plate right now anyone could ever hope to manage. And I was asking God to remind her that HE is in the midst of her details. That HE can handle what's going on. That HE sees, and HE knows how everything is going to work out.
I was asking Him to be present in her crazy.
And that's when it occurred to me: HE is in the midst of my crazy, too.

I was so encouraged by God's loving reminder to me that I am not alone here in my crazy, I immediately began composing this blog post in my head to share with you today. Because I have a suspicion my friend and I are not the only ones dealing with crazy at the moment.
Might you find yourself in this camp, also?
Be encouraged. God hangs out in the midst of crazy, too!

For the record, I still have hopes of sharing my story about answered prayer and God's faithful direction.
Some day.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to switch over the laundry, and get started on dinner, and run Matthew to the dentist, and ...


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