Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Accountability Journal

I have been working out at Fitness Together for nearly two years now, and have been entirely pleased with my trainers and my experience there. But I have a new trainer now, who has given me a new task, and - wow! - has it opened my eyes.
Last week as I was getting ready to leave Mike asked me, "Do you have an Accountability Journal?"
What he meant was, Are you writing down everything you eat and how often you're exercising?
I admitted that I did not have such a journal, and he promptly gave me one. I think I groaned when he put it in my hand. Not because it was too heavy, but because I was not fond of the idea that I had to write down everything I eat, so that Mike can critique it. I mean, I know it's for my good, but c'mon! Can't a girl sneak a treat here and there without feeling guilty?
I was soooo glad I had purchased and eaten a candy bar the day before I got this journal. Didn't have to report that one! LOL

I'm telling you, this Accountability Journal is the best idea there is for getting me to eat well. Every time I want to sneak a little something extra - which I don't need and I am totally desiring just because I am bored, or emotional, or for some other non-essential reason - I stop short. Because I know I'll have to write it down. And I know Mike will give me a hard time about it.
Writing down everything I eat in my Accountability Journal makes me think twice before I put something into my mouth. It makes me ponder the value of the food item. It makes me make wise choices.
It makes me think we should all have an Accountability Journal for the words we speak and the way we treat each other.

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Leah said...

When I worked in the Lipid Clinic at Emory University in Atlanta, our patients had to keep a food diary. It was usually a total eye opener to them. Few of us realize just how much we really do eat.


grey like snuffie said...

Hi Karen...just peeking in to your world...AMEN to accountability. My husband and I just finished an intense "we're serious about losing weight" time....we're in our 50's and it has to be a way of life. Maybe writing it all done will help me. So far we've lost around 20 pounds...good idea.

Jennifer said...

I should really do this. I get a lot of headaches that I am pretty certain are caffeine/chocolate related and this would prove or disprove it. Good idea. I also procrastinate so we will see if I get around to doing it.

Kelly Combs said...

Like an accountability partner. Great idea. Both for food and for life.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Oh yeah, it works!


Susan Berlien (warmchocmilk) said...

The accountability journal terrifies me, a little.

jtkpatch said...

Amen Sister!

On Purpose said...

Cheering you on in your obedience, commitment and journey to His heart!

Deirdre said...

yes! the trouble is finding someone to be accountable TO.

Amanda said...

I couldnt agree more. How can I implement that in my life??? Great thoughts Karen!!


Theresa said...

I journal as well....I really detest it. I don't like to see the amount of food that I really didn't need.

Strangley enough the exercise part of my journal is empty. HMMMM

I think that explains why I have put on some weight. LOL

Angie Muresan said...

Wow! What an idea! I have to admit that keeping an accountability journal is terrifying beyond words. I have a history of being rash and judgmental, letting whatever bothers me control my thoughts.
Love this post! Here via Booking it.