Thursday, October 08, 2009

What NOT to Do - Again

This week has shaped up to be busier than I anticipated, so I am relying on my Archives for today's post. I had fun re-reading it, and laughed at the memories. Hope you enjoy it, too - even if it is your second time.
If you are a mother prone to irritability, with tendencies pointing toward perfectionism; and if these conditions are intensified by 8 and 10 year-old boys who act like, um, 8 and 10 year-old boys, I have some very specific instructions for things you should not do.

If you are a mother like the one mentioned above, and your husband owns a personal training studio, and he has an idea that it would be a nice touch to have you and your boys come in and wash his clients' vehicles while they are doing their work-out, don't agree to it.
Your boys might be excited that their dad is going to pay them for washing these vehicles, but you really don't want to do it. Because what will likely happen is the boys will think the work is fun the first time around. In fact, they'll probably work at it really hard and do a great job, and make you think the day you spend washing cars is going to be great.
But chances are, they'll lose interest by the time you start the second car. They might start arguing with each other and complaining that their brother is not working hard enough. And when one brother accidentally gets some of the wash water on the other, the offended brother will likely throw an angry fit. He will throw the fit about his "wet-ness" in spite of the fact he purposely gets in the way of the water you spray out of the hose - even when you expressly tell him to get out of the way.

And when these things occur, you will question your state of mind at the time you agreed to this car-washing bit. So you probably just shouldn't do it.

Because later in the day these boys will likely need to use the restroom. And even if you allow them to enter the studio one at a time, so as not to disturb the clients who are trying to endure enjoy their personal training session, they will find a way to be disruptive (By hiding around the corner and shooting off their pretend gun, or something.) and make you regret letting them go in. Surely, one of the bushes out back would have worked just as well. So, don't let them go in.

And if you need to leave momentarily to drive the client's sparkling clean car to the front of the building, even if you tell the boys to sit on the stoop and behave, don't do it. Ask your husband to do the driving. Because, even if the boys say they'll behave, they'll probably grab the hose and start spraying the dumpster and whatever else catches their fancy. But if you're lucky there will be no additional cars parked nearby to receive the random sprays.
Of course, each boy will be eager to point out the misdeeds of the other and you will tire of hearing it. So just don't leave them alone. You'll regret it.

Finally, at the end of the day, when you're home and hurrying to get the finishing touches put on dinner so everyone can eat, when you've been reminding the boys they need to set the table, when you're tired of answering questions, tired of listening to bickering, and just plain tired, and your son says, "Mom?" by all means - Don't answer him abruptly and with a short temper. Because, chances are he just wants you to turn around so he can hug you and say, "I love you."

That was my day. How was yours???



Deirdre said...

oh dear Karen. You make my day sound like a piece of cake. Hope tomorrow is better

luvmy4sons said...

Smile...giggle...oh sweet we could sit and compare notes! Love you. Loved your story. Love your heart. I think I would love a nice long chat with ya! I have said that before. know it was probably a boy just like yours and mine that grew into a man that decided it was NOT ABSURD to think he could carve the faces of presidents into the side of a mountain! We need daring, energetic, unafraid people in this world...and mothers like you who patiently guide them. Blessings!

tkpatch said...

Oh it sounds like if you give a mom a muffin case! I love it. Kids are always giving us great lessons of the heart!

My ADHD Me said...

HA! This is funny.

As for the last part, I've noticed that after continually behaving like a, like a, well, like a boy all day, sometimes my son will say "Mom?" and I'll answer in a mad voice. Only then, ONLY THEN, does he decide to change what ever he was going to say to, "Gee, I was just going to say I love you.".....yeah, right. *smile*

Susan Berlien said...

Oh! I understand. Those days are hard. I know my son does that too...the I love're the best mom type of statement when I'm just about at my wits end! Do they know?? Is that why they say it?

Jessica Nelson said...

Oh no!!! LOL I have three boys and this has already started. Grrr. But they really are SO loving. Little cuddly sweethearts. Sometimes. Heeheee