Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Together in Prayer

I love you, O LORD, my strength.
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.
He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
and I am saved from my enemies.

The cords of death entangled me;
the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me;
The cords of the grave coiled around me;
the snares of death confronted me.
In my distress I called to the LORD;
I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my cry came before him, into his ears.

Psalm 18:1-6

I love the internet. Love how it allows us to be so close, and aware of one another - even though miles and miles (and miles!) may separate us physically.
I love being aware of - and able to pray for - so many people and their needs.
But, honestly? Sometimes it overwhelms me.
There are so many people, with so many needs!

And then I remember and marvel at how BIG our God is.

God does not need the internet to keep up with the latest prayer requests. He doesn't need email reminders to know what you or I, or anyone else, needs.
From His temple, He hears our voices; our cries come before Him, into His ears.
In fact, He knows our needs even before we speak them.

God is that good!

Do you have a specific need today? God already knows what it is, but I would love the opportunity to pray for you. Please leave your request in the comment section and know that I will pray for you today. And, if you're willing, would you please pray for the person who has left a prayer request before you?
If you would rather not "go public" with your request, please feel free to email me instead.

May the peace of Christ rest upon you today, as you trust Him to meet your needs.



Mary said...

I do! We're waiting on God for a miracle - of some sort - our house is in active foreclosure, debt piled up, and hardly any money coming in. We're just waiting. We have no idea what to do - humanly, there's nothing we can do.

But we want to have great faith and trust God!

(Do you have a request, Karen? Since I'm the first to comment, there's no one ahead of me to pray for but YOU!)


Leah said...

I love the fact that He hears from His temple...meaning He remains on the throne. Our requests do not send Him into a frenzy. They do not overwhelm Him. He is there, waiting and desiring to hear from us.

Mary, I'll pray for you and for Karen.


My ADHD Me said...

Wow. You are asking for a prayer request to pray for me. What a feeling of comfort to know that there are people that pray for me, that don't even know me.

I have so many requests. I'll narrow it down to 2.

Lord, please help me do a better job with my children. Lately I feel like I'm failing at leading them on the correct path.

My second request will help with my first. I hurt. Physically. I feel like if the pain would ease, then perhaps I would do more and be a better parent.

OK, I have 3. if I would get back in the habit of going to church, I believe that would help me with my first two requests. I am still in search of finding a new church but am not searching as diligently as I should be.

Although my intentions are there...that isn't enough. I need to follow through. There is a Randy Travis song that says, I hear tell, the road to hell is lead with good intentions...and mama, my intentions are the best...

O Mom said...

How'd you know this morning?.... :)

I have decisions to make about our finances and I just am at a lose at what to do. Please pray for wisdom with our finances.
Also we need a new church to go to, so prayers for the doors to be open where we're supposed to be.

Thank you so much!

Praying for you, MY ADHD ME!

Patricia/NYC said...

Such a beautiful reminder of our BIG & AWESOME God!!

My request is not for me, but for my father-in-law who is sick...he's seems to be losing his spirit as well in the midst of his treatments. Please pray for renewed strength for him! Thank you so much!!!

And "O Mom", I have prayed for you & will continue to do so!

luvmy4sons said...

Love you too sister. Love your caring and giving heart for God and others. Praying for your role as the mother to the children God has given into your hands. You are just the perfect thing that they need! God knows what He is doing and He gave them to you! I am amazed too at how amazing He is in giving us what we need sometimes even before we ask. Hugs.

Irritable Mother said...

Mary, Leah, MyADHDMe, O Mom, Patricia, Leslie - Thank you so much for your prayers for me and for each other, and for the opportunities to pray for you. This is such a huge blessing to me - to be able to come before the LORD for you specifically. I'm having a great day, and I am lovin' praying for you!

Kirsten said...

Hi Karen! Thank you for offering to pray for me. God's perfect timing led me to read your blog today. I'm sure it's because He knows I need the encouragement! I am overwhelmed with all that I want and need to accomplish and with all the demands motherhood throws at me. I feel like I am being sabotaged. I need strength and discernment and a GREAT attitude! You are a blessing to me (and therefore to my children and husband)!

Irritable Mother said...

Kirsten - Yes. God's timing is perfect! So glad He led you to the blog today, and that I had the opportunity to come before Him with and for you!

km said...

I'll pray for all of the above.

I could use prayer for peace in the midst of our journey through unemployment. My husband has been without work since the beginning of October.

Peace & His Provision (for our immediate needs and a new job)

On Purpose said...

You know what is comforting, one is coming here to your amazing blog, and two seeing that we are all children of our God with hurts, needs, and deep heart desires...as I read through these I can relate to so many as they too are personal 'issues'. Thank you Karen for this opportunity to pray together! May we know that He is MORE than able to work all this out to bring glory and honor to His name...not only is He able...He's doing it!

Hugs to you and prayers up to Him!

Irritable Mother said...

KM - I've been responding to everyone else via email, but your email address isn't fixed to your blog anymore...It used to be, didn't it?
Anyway, I'm going to pray for you right here, and I do hope you stop by again so you can join me in praying.
Father in heaven, let us come before You with praise today. You are holy and good. You are faithful and gracious. Your love is perfect and we praise You for who You are!
You own the cattle on a thousand hills. Everything on this earth belongs to You. Your riches are glorious and You have the resources to provide what KM and her family need. And I am asking You today to show them Your power by showing them Your provision.
God, I am confident that You were not caught by surprise when KM's husband lost his job and I believe You have a good purpose for the trial they are facing while they wait for employment again.
Please bring them peace in the midst of it, LORD. Build their faith in what You can do in the face of what seems impossible.
Yes, LORD, please use this circumstance for their good and Your glory.
I'm asking it in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchelss Name of JESUS.
Amen and amen!

Nichole - Yes! Praying together is absolutley wonderful. Thank you for joining in.
You are right. God is able. He is MORE than able. May He be glorified in and through each one of us!
Love you!

My ADHD Me said...

Your prayer for me was just awesome. It was beautiful and it made me feel so good, so close to God. I love that you prayed for me and I will be copying this prayer to say it again...and again.
Thank you.

You, of course, have my prayers also....not so eloquent , but just as meaningful.

Irritable Mother said...

MyADHDMe - You always make me smile. *grin* Thank you for your prayers.
I'm glad God drew you close with that prayer, and trust He will continue to do so.
Love you!

Angie Muresan said...

That is such a powerful passage! Thank you for sharing it Karen. I just remembered that I used to have this memorized. In Romanian, of course!

Irritable Mother said...

Angie - I'm curious. Did you speak English, too, in Romania? Or even before you came to the US?