Thursday, January 28, 2010

Through Elizabeth's Eyes

So, last week I posted a sweet story Elizabeth wrote. I told you the next one would pull at your heart more. And I think it will.
Brings me to tears. Because of how she sees things. And because of her tenderness and compassion. You may want to prepare yourself. (Amanda, you always said I should post a warning about tears...)
To be fair, Elizabeth did admit to spicing things up a bit for a more dramatic effect. Like the burnt casserole. I have never burned dinner! LOL!

The Mad House

"I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU! AND YOU HATE ME, TOO!" Joshua shrieked. "YOU NEVER LET ME DO ANYTHING!"

"Joshua, of course I don't hate you," whispered Mom, her voice wavering. Her short hair was rumpled and messy, and her eyes were red and watering. Josh didn't seem to care at all. He kept on ranting and making Mom feel awful about herself. All I could do is sit there and watch, horrified at what was happening. A winter chill drifted in through the open window, making me shiver uncontrollably. "Elizabeth, close the window," Mom snapped. Jumping up hastily, I scampered over to the window and pulled it shut with a bang. From the kitchen the smell of burnt casserole wafted to my nose. Joshua's shouts and stomping gave me a headache.

"Mom, why can't I go to Jeremy's house?!" Joshua tried again.

"Because dinner is almost ready and we will eat as a family," she responded. A single tear rolled down her cheek, and others threatened to come. I could not see my mom like this! It was too much to bear. She loves me and Josh, and she raised us to be loving, too. To see my brother treat her this way; to break her heart, filled me with anger.

"Josh, maybe you could play with him after dinner...?" I suggested softly.

"Shut up, Elizabeth! It is too dark after dinner. You're not even part of this!" he yelled back. His hair was frazzled as well and his eyes said he wanted to hurt someone. It was hard, though, to suppress the giggle begging to come out. So instead I held my hands up and backed away.

Josh spun on Mom and yelled the most hurtful thing you could ever say to her. "I truly hate you Mom! You never loved me or you would have let me play with my friends! I wish you would just fall dead!"

I gasped. So did Mom. "I hope you don't mean that, Joshua," she croaked. As a reply, Joshua stomped off to his room and slammed the door with such force that it almost broke. With tear stained cheeks, Mom yanked the casserole out of the oven and ran off to her room. That feeling that I could do nothing to comfort her choked me. I swore to myself there and then, that I would never fight with my parents. I would never break their hearts like Josh did.

So there you have it. A picture of one of the bad days. Through Elizabeth's eyes.



luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing your sweet daughter is to you! Those bad days are hard. Big big hug sister. You are a great mom...even your daughter knows that!

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - Yes. She is a blessing. Without question!
And the bad days are hard. Without question.
But God stays with us, and we make it through them. Ahhh, for the grace of God!

Mary said...

Wow. Great writing. And it's always so neat to see something through our kids' view point (well, maybe not NEAT sometimes, but you know what I mean).

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Patricia/NYC said...

Elizabeth is a gifted writer, for sure! And thanks for the "tears warning"...I did need a tissue!

You are such a great mom!! And you are so right...through the good days & the bad days, He is ALWAYS there for us every step of the way!!

(Are you still having trouble accessing my site? I checked it out & it seems ok...sometimes blogger acts up)

Have a great day!

jtkpatch said...

wow, how transparent you are, such a blessing. It is great to here your testaments to your faith as a mother. Even in a house full of tough times and hard roads, your can call on the name of the Lord. I am again, over and over greatful I have a mom spot I can stop in and get the truth! Kids have such a good view from where they are!

Irritable Mother said...

Mary - Yes. When I read this I thought, Wow. So that's how she sees what happens here. I honestly had mixed feelings. At once, I felt sorry because of the madness, sadness, and hurt she portrays. And just as quickly I felt blessed because of her compassionate heart.
I am thankful ro have this look at her perspective.

Patricia - Thanks for the encouraging words. Yeah, I think I have a budding author on my hands. *grin*
I am still having trouble getting to your blog. When I click on your name, it goes to your Blogger profile, but you blog is not listed there. And it used to be...

Tarrah - God is good, all the time. And if my transparency will point to that fact, I am happy to let it all show!
I am truly pleased that you come here to visit, and pray God will always use this blog to bring hope and encouragement and knowledge of His amazing grace to everyone who reads here.

Tamrah T. said...

Quite a gift to be able to write as well as she has shown so far! Really enjoy you sharing your family with us... you have such a great testimony to share through them. YES, families have their ups and downs. I thank our Lord for the lessons He teaches us every day through the eyes of our children.

On Purpose said...

Thank you Elizabeth for writing this and thank you Karen for sharing it...for it reminds me to never forget that all eyes can view and percieve things from a different perspective...and how that needs to be heard. Thank you girls for sharing your hearts!

gianna said...

oh, the life of the oldest. I'm with you, Elizabeth. YUCK! I HATE that feeling! I STILL hate that feeling and I am 32.
What a lovely writer. I can feel her emotions (maybe it's because I've been there) so much.

Irritable Mother said...

Tamrah - I do believe she has a gift for writing. And I am only too happy to share her with you!

Nichole - You're welcome. *grin*

Gianna - So, you're the oldest? And it stinks? Argh!
All this time I thought it was the middle kid who got the raw end of the deal. Next someone is going to tell me the youngest is the one who has it worst. *sigh* I guess all my kids are doomed.
Ah, but for the grace of God. How we need Him!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, Karen, Elizabeth is a good storyteller. It amazes me how grown-up she sounds and yet so vulnerable too.
This story brings back memories of when my brothers were young. There was a time there where my mom despaired because she didn't know how to go about the days ahead of her, although in her heart she was certain that it was just a temporary phase. She prayed a whole lot during that time.
Beautiful work, Elizabeth! God bless you and this gift you have from Him.

Irritable Mother said...

Angie - That is a very accurate description of Elizabeth. Very grown-up yet so vulnerable. It seems weird to consider these opposites, but she is both wise and innocent.
I think I understand your mother. Very well.
I'll share your blessing with Elizabeth. Thank you.

Edie said...

God has really gifted Elizabeth in her writing.

You are doing a wonderful job Karen. Don't let the enemy ever tell you otherwise. ((Hugs))

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks, Edie. The enemy tries to discourage me daily. So thankful God has given me friends like you who He uses to remind me of what's true.
Love you!

Amanda said...

Um. Yeah. That makes me cry for SO many reasons. I am sorry sweet Karen... for the hurt that our children can unknowingly (and knowingly!) inflict... I am so scared to go through this, I just hope that I can learn a few tricks along the way and trust in God that we will get through trials.

And WOW! Your girl can WRITE!


km said...

God has given her a gift. I'm sure she will use her writing for his glory.

She sounds like my Luke (8). He can be heard saying, "Mom, the kids are fighting." ...meaning his brother and sister.

And when the others are acting up, he might go make my bed for me or start a load of laundry or put away dishes...just to make mom happy when the rest are truly naughty.