Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I've Been Here Before

Monday night I felt like I needed to just go to bed and cry.
Because when I get this overwhelmed, crying seems like the most reasonable thing to do. *sigh*
I prayed. I told God I know He will bring me through these days. I remembered that He is faithful. And then it was as if He said, Yes. I Am. You've been here before. I was with you then, and I am with you now. Fear not, dear one.
Are you in the same place as me? The beginning of the school year. Letters from school - for all three kids - full of information I need to know, and coordinate, and remember, and...
Letters from church - for all three kids - full of information I need to know, and coordinate, and remember...
Running through check-lists: Does this child have everything she needs? Has he gotten his schedule yet? Does he need anything else? What about lunches? Is our account all set up?
This year we have football practice and games thrown in there. And my new job. (BIG Grandparent's Day celebration coming up this Sunday.)
And I just want to hide under a rock until it all passes by and everyone is happy in their routine, and it's safe to come out again.

Yes. I have been here before.
I remember now.
It's like this every year when school begins. I always feel like I'm going to drown in the sea of Too-much-stuff-to-do. But rather than hiding under a rock, I'm going to climb upon The Rock and trust Him to carry me through.

Will you do the same?

So, now I hope you'll understand why I'm not going to be blogging for the rest of the week. BUT I will make a video devotion for Monday. Because God showed me something a couple days ago that I am excited to share with you! *grin*



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I do understand...although my 'too much to do' list does not include kid's stuff.

Karen, have you done Kay Arthur's Covenant study? It is speaking to me hugely and I thought of it as i read your post. God is deadly serious about covenant and He never breaks covenant. So, even though you (as well as the rest of us) feel like we are going under for the final time, our covenant-keeping God will never abandon us.

Blessings to you this week.


Patricia/NYC said...

It is such a comfort to know that He is ALWAYS with us & sees us through!

Hang in there, Karen!! Praying for you!

On Purpose said...

Praying right now for the energy and strength...all from Him to get you through this time!

gianna said...

Yes, take it easy! You don't need to add more pressure! You need to focus on your kids and family! Oh, and maybe on Brian, too!

Jessica Nelson said...

Wow, that sounds so overwhelming! I'm NOT looking forward to when my kids want to be a part of things. I signed oldest up for cub scouts and a meeting a week sounds really annoying to me. LOL
YOu will get through, just as you said, and someday the kids will love remembering everything you made possible for them to do.

Enjoy the blog break. :-)

luvmy4sons said...

Overwhelmed here too but hanging onto our Rock.