Thursday, September 23, 2010

Promise Keeper

Several years ago my mentor and I were going through the book of Luke, Lectio Divina style. She read, and I listened. And on the very first day we did it, I believed God made me a promise about my son, Joshua.
As Jenni read these words which God spoke to Zechariah about his son, John, I was convinced God was speaking the same words to me about Joshua.

He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth...Many of the people of Israel will he bring back to the Lord their God.

For a long time, whenever Joshua began to get under my skin I would repeat the phrase 'He will be a joy and delight to you' and pray that God would help me to see it. (Some days were easier than others. *wink*)

*Big sigh* I'm telling you, these current days often leave me wondering. Oh, how he balks at chores. At being responsible. And respectful. He complains, and argues, and I feel like I will never 'win' with that boy. I cannot tell you the number of times I have wanted to through my hands up in the air in frustration and just say, "I GIVE UP!"

But a few weeks ago I was reading a book which mentioned the promises God gives to us in His Word. And I remembered that moment with Jenni, when God spoke to my heart.
Then there was the comment Leah left two weeks ago - about God being a Covenant Keeper. Which, again, reminded me of the Luke thing.
And just last week I was reading Genesis 15, about God's promise to Abram - to make him into a great nation, with descendants as numerous as the stars. Hello! Abram didn't even have ONE child when God told him this crazy thing!
But God made the promise, and Abram believed.

That's when God reminded me again about the promise He made to me about Joshua. I went through my own, Hello! He never listens to me...objection. And God reminded me again that HE is a Promise Keeper, so I am choosing to trust Him.
Abraham was well advanced in years when he finally saw the beginning of the fulfillment of God's promise to him. He had to wait. And it didn't look so hopeful. But he believed, and God did what He said He would do.
I don't know what God is going to do in my son. But I believe He will use that boy (That man? I realize I may need to wait that long!) to bring people to Himself. I believe many will rejoice because Joshua was born - as God uses him to draw people to Himself. Yes. I believe he WILL be a joy and delight to me.

In this moment I feel like pointing out to God all the reasons this hope seems impossible to me. But He takes me back to things like Genesis 18:14: Is anything too hard for the LORD? And I remember that, no matter how long I need to wait, no matter how hard these teen years may be, I can trust and believe.
Because HE is a Promise Keeper.



luvmy4sons said...

Oh yes...promises to cling to, hold tight to and keep looking to Him Who is faithful...know those moments too sister. Oh so many of them around here! Oh so many! Miss blogging. Miss visiting. Hoping after football season I might be able to get back to it. Glad I stopped by here today. Hugs!

Patricia/NYC said...

He sure is a Promise Keeper!!
Great reminder, as always!

Hey! Did you ever give your mentor those notes? I remember she was moving?

Hope you had a WONDERFUL day yesterday!

gianna said...

I'm so glad that you love your boy even though you feel like you are going to tear your hair out of your head!

Jerralea said...

Thanks for reminding me that He is the Promise Keeper!

You will get through this stage of life ... I did!

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - I miss you!!! And I'm so glad you stopped by, too.

Patricia - Yes. I did, and she was so thankful! *grin*

Gianna - I just got my hair highlighted today. Think I'll try to avoid tearing it out. LOL!

Jerri - Thanks for the encouragement. I know it's true. Just doesn't feel like it sometimes, ya know?

mamajil said...

As I read your post I had to go get a note card off my bathroom mirror (I post scriptures and promises and prayers there) any way when you stated "In this moment I feel like pointing out to God all the reasons this hope seems impossible to me" I thought of Romans 4:18 Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping-believing... at the bottom of my note card I have written HE HOPED BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT GOD HAD TOLD HIM, AND WE CAN BELIEVE GOD BECAUSE HE IS NOT MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE...
Hang in there these days seem long but one day soon this season will pass and you will kinda miss it "wink" LOL :) I look at our oldest married and a daddy now and I think wow is this the kid that couldn't even remember to take the trash out...and now he is a does click at some point.
have a blessed week!
He is a promise keeper for sure!