Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evolution of the Birthday Party

Last Friday Matthew had some buddies over to celebrate his birthday.
They came over after school and ran around our yard shooting each other with their air-soft guns.
And I?
Made sure they were all wearing protective goggles. And sat inside enjoying the sound of boys running around, having fun.

When my husband arrived with pizza, the boys came in to eat.
And I?
Poured drinks. And marveled at the fact that some of the boys ate the apples I had set out for them. *wink*

Then the boys decided it was time for Matthew to open his gifts - so their pizza could settle a bit before they went back outside to run around some more.
And I?
Sat and watched.

Presents opened, the boys headed outside for an intense game of Capture the Flag.
And I?
Cleaned up the dinner mess.

When it was nearing time for parents to come and get their sons, I asked the boys if they wanted to come in for cake. And they came a runnin'!
I plated the cake and each guest came to the counter and took his piece. One boy politely asked me for a drink of water, too.

And as I stood there watching them, reflecting on the party which was coming to an end, I realized how significantly these events have changed over the years.
* It used to be I made up games for the kids to play - and led them through the games on party day.
* It used to be I came up with the decorations, and directed the kids through a schedule of activities for each party.
* It used to be they looked to me - the event planner - for where to go and what to do.

It used to be I had a lead role in birthday parties. But now it seems I've become a supporting actress. There's more for me to do behind the scenes than there is up front.
And really?
I'm OK with the change.
It's all part of this process of growing up. And I pray God will continue to lead me as the phases evolve.



Wendy said...

Sometimes all you can do is watch them spread their own wings...the joy comes in seeing them soar. :)

Larie Writes-Proverbs 27:19 said...

Winking at'cha Karen! tee hee


Irritable Mother said...

Wendy - Thankful for the joy!!!

Larie - It's good to see you! ;)